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#ourclockhousefamily Welcome to our school!

Weekly reminders for week beginning 22nd June 2020

Good morning Clockhouse


I hope you are all well and are having an enjoyable weekend. A lovely week was had a school, it never ceases to amaze me how adaptable and resilient children are, much more than adults some of the time!


Thank you to all those in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 for advising us whether your child will be returning this week. We very much look forward to welcoming them and you back and we are sure that they will take it in their stride, adapt and get used to the new regime just like the other children and parents / carers have.


As you may already know this week is Maths week, I am sure many of your saw the video send out on Friday to launch this. Look out for some fun maths activities coming your way this week, we are very excited about what we have planned.


What you all need you know:

  • There will continue to be school staff in school every day with our new rota system continuing.
  • The best way to contact teachers / school staff is messaging via Class Dojo.
  • The school phones will only be manned between 7.45am and 3.30pm. Please do not hesitate to call, even if it is only for a chat. If we cannot talk at that moment, someone will get back to you as soon as they can. Please only use option 1, 2, 3 and 5, as other lines will not be manned due to the reduced work force each day.
  • Should your child be eligible for Free School Meals and moving forward you decide that you need support, please alert us in good time.
  • On Friday we sent a questionnaire our via Dojo which asked those in Year 2, 3, 4 and 5 to indicate if they would be interested with returning to school for some time before the Summer Holiday. Thank you to all those who have already completed this. Please remember that you have until Tuesday 23rd June at 12pm to complete this.


What you need to know if you are at home (this includes days when those returning are not at school):

  • We are very much looking forward to working with you virtually again this week.
  • Work on Google Classroom will resume tomorrow and you will also receive the weekly learning sheet as you have now got used to.
  • Please be aware that on days when staff are in school working with children a different member of teaching staff will be manning the classes Google Classroom and Dojo. As far as is possible this will be a consistent member of staff but with more children returning this week this may vary.
  • I hope you were pleased with your child’s new teacher and enjoyed watching the video we made to introduce them as well as the letters that were sent out for the children. We are looking into the possibility of doing some form of ‘Meet the Teacher’ where your current and new teacher will be present via Zoom, so please look out for this. Keep an eye out also for information about the things that we are planning which we hope will engage the children and that they will enjoy as the year comes to a close.


What you need to know if you are coming into school:

  • We are very much looking forward to seeing you back at school this week.
  • For those children coming to school due to parents / carers being key workers etc., separate information has been sent to you via Class Story on Class Hawaii’s Dojo.
  • Each year group will be accessing the same part time timetable as previously. This is as follows:
    • Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday (you know your days) – Nursery (Drop off 8.45 – 9.00 / Pick up 11.30 – 11.45). Entrance via the Driveway, exit via the front playground – follow the orange arrows.
    • Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday (you know your days) – Reception (Drop off 9.00 – 9.15 / Pick up 3.15 – 3.30). Entrance via the Driveway, exit via the front playground – follow the green arrows.
    • Thursday and Friday – Year 1 (Drop off 9.00 – 9.15 / Pick up 3.15 – 3.30). Entrance via the Driveway, exit via the front playground – follow the blue arrows.
    • Thursday and Friday – Year 6 (Drop off 8.40 – 8.55 / Pick up 2.55 – 3.10). Entrance and exit via the back gate.
    • School will only be open on a Wednesday for cleaning and for Key Worker children
  • The arrangements for waiting, queuing and circulation continue to apply. If you are newly back this week, you will get used to it and we will all be there to help you.
  • Break times and lunchtimes will be staggered. Whilst lunchtime will be shortened, extra break times for each bubble will be implemented. Allocated areas for play will be given to each bubble.
  • All movement around the school will be in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • When dropping off and picking up we ask that you ‘keep moving’ staying 2m apart using the #ourclockhousefamily markers which have been sprayed on the floor. Any communication with staff will need to be via Class Dojo or via phone and only one parent will be allowed onto site.
  • You will not be permitted into the building and please do stand back from the door and 2 meters apart from others. Please do keep away from classroom doors in order to protect the staff. Thank you for your understanding with this. The children will be ready and we will endeavor to get them out to you quickly when picking up.
  • Children can come to school dressed appropriately in uniform or in their own clothes, whichever is easier for you and for them. Children must come to school in clean clothes each day. Government advice says that when children get home from school they should change and wash immediately and clothes they have worn to school should also be washed immediately.
  • As the weather gets warmer the children will be spending more time outside. Please do ensure they have the necessary protection – hat, sun cream etc. as well as a water bottle.
  • A hat, water bottle, a coat (if needed), a packed lunch (should they be bringing one from home) and a pot of moisturiser will be the only things that will be permitted in school. Please leave book bags etc. at home.
  • We will be providing the children with breakfast should they want it.
  • If you wish your child to have a school lunch, which will be a packed lunch, please make sure that you sQuid account is topped up. The menu will be the same as last week. Lunches will be in the classrooms. The lunch menu remains the same as the last two weeks.


We continue to learn the new regime together and this week sees the next phase of the school re-opening so please to bear with us. Thank you so much for your on-going understanding.


Please keep sharing your pictures with us, we love seeing them and it really does brighten up our day. By sharing with us via class dojo or our other platforms, we will take this as your consent for wider sharing. If you do not want photos shared please do not send them.


We continue to miss you all so much and truly cannot wait see some of you this week. This is not how school and education is meant to be. This time has made us realise even more how wonderful you are, how important you all are to us all but ultimately what a privilege we have working with such a wonderful and supportive community – thank you Clockhouse.


As always, I am sure you will want to join with me in thanking those in our community who are front line and key workers and also our great staff team. Again we are so lucky to have such an amazing community who has pulled together during this difficult time.


Please look after yourselves and each other!

We are still one community and are here for you all.

Our school – a family and a home for everyone!

Keep smiling and stay safe

Mrs Savidge