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Clocking up some serious speed at Sportshall Athletics!


Following the recent success of the Year 5 and 6's, Years 2, 3 and 4 got the opportunity to participate in the Havering Sportshall Athletics Competitions.
On day 1 Year 3 and 4 proved to be very succesful on the track with 1st places in the Girls Obstacle Race, Boys Obstacle Race, Girls Over / Under Relay, Boys Over / Under Relay and Girls 4x1 Lap Relay. 
There was also 2nd place finishes in the Girls 1+1 Lap Hurdles, Boys 1+1 Lap Relay and the Girls 1+1 Lap Relay.
All racers finished on the podium as every other race (Girls 2+2 Lap Relay, Boys 2+2 Lap Relay, Boys 1+1 Lap Hurdles and Boys 4x1 Lap Relay) finished with Clockhouse in 3rd place.
In the field the children took part inchest push, five strides, standling long jump, vertical jump, speed bounce and soft javelin.
As a result Clockhouse Year 3 and 4 athletes managed an overall 5th place. At the end of the day Mr Yarrow said 'This is a team put together with minimal training, 5th is a fantastic result. Typically by now children would be identified for their athletic ability but due to the pandemic these children last learnt athletics in Year 1 and 2, making the result even more phenomenal!
Thank you to Miss Ibrahima for supporting on the day at late notice and to Mr Pye for his trials/ training. A final thanks to all the parents who supported with transport.'
The fillowing day the competition had a new layout for the Year 2's. The athlete's took part in 8 field events (Balancer, Jumper, Bouncer, Launcher, Striker, Pitcher, Catcher and Bowler). This was finished by 2 relay races to finish the event. The year 2 achieved a 2nd place finish overall behind joint winner Mead and Nelmes.
Mr Yarrow commented on the day by saying 'Year 2 is a real area of sporting success currently. We have identifed some children with bright sporting furures at Clockhouse and in later life!
This is a great competition as the field based events promote balance, stability, control, leaping, landing, co-ordination, throwing, speed, spatial awareness and agility. All skills that can be used in so many ways.
Thanks again to Miss Ibrahima for supporting at the event and to the parents for transporting the children.'
YEAR 3 and 4 ATHLETES: Jake W, Tyler K, Bogdan B, Alfie T, Cooper B, Kevin R Mujtaba W, Finley C, Archie G, Isabelle H, Abagail O, Lana W, Annabelle L, Amelia E, Leani F, Poppy W, Connie S and  Layla M
YEAR 2 ATHLETES: Frankie S, George F, Harrison F, Grace C, Hallee V, Lilly-Mai J, Tainara C, Amalie S and Reean B





Clocks run to a record breaking athletics success!


Sportshall Athletics returned for the first time since the pandemic. The year 5 and 6 squad had some first time performers and some experienced campaigners. The blend proved beneficial as for the first time Clockhouse won their heats and went on to an all time high 5th overall in the borough!!!
A variety of field events were ongoing throughout the day including long jump, tripple jump, verticle jump, soft javelin, chest push, and speed bounce.
Meanwhile there were a number of successful races on the track. The girls Obstacle Relay team got Clockhouse off to the perfect start winning the openning race of the day. Not to be outdone the boys obstacle relay team also won their race.
The girls were back on the track for the 1+1 lap relay and the 2+2 lap relay. The girls finishing 2nd and then another first place.
When the boys returned for their 1+1 lap relay and 2+2 lap relay they managed to stay on the podium with a 3rd and 2nd place.
The long distance 6 lap was next up. The girls winning their race comfortably whilst the boys battled for a 3rd place finish.
The penultimate race for each team was the Over / Under Relays. The girls finishing in 2nd place whilst the boys took 1st place.
The final race for each team was the 4x1 lap relay. The consistency on the track continued with the girls grabbing a 2nd place and the boys taking 1st place.
Mr Yarrow was very happy after the athletics competition and had the following to say 'Wow! What a performance. In all my time at Clockhouse I haven't seen such a dominant performance on the track! To adapt after 2 years without competition really shows the fight and courage of the children who represented the school. 
A 5th place finish in the whole of the borough is the highest I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. I'm sure there will be some individual success to be celebrated at sports presentation evening later in the year!
A huge thank you to Mr Pye who sacrifices his lunchtimes to help prepare the squad! Thanks also to the parents who transported the children. We really couldn't do all this sport without your help and support.
The athletics heat victory is Clockhouse's third major sporting success of the academic year following results in the year 2 football & the Havering Tag Rugby League. KEEP IT UP CLOCKHOUSE!!!
SQUAD: Emily P, Kristina P, Olivia W, Isla H, Willow S, Lucia B, Finn N, Harry M, Teddie M, Alex C, Harry S, Issac T, Lewis C and Patrick S


Clockhouse run through the streets of London


A small number of our Year 5 children were lucky enough to take part in the London 'Mile a Day' race. The children started their run in Green Park and finished in front of Buckingham Palace.


As a school we were choosen to take part due to the fact we participate in the Mile a Day at school where children walk / jog / run a mile each day. This is proven to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of children – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances.


Well done to all who took part - what an honour, you were all amazing. A big well done to Jake L who finished the first of the Clockhouse children. A further big well done and thank you to Mrs Curry and Mrs Redgrave who took time out of their weekend to run with the children!



Clockhouse mix it with best of the borough at Indoor Sportshall Athletics


Clockhouse competed as one of thirty eight schools in the Havering Indoor Athletics Competition. For years Clockhouse have attended under the guidance of Mr Thomas so it was very different to not have him on board whilst the squad trained together.


That being said the team tried their hardest and received a hard faught 4th place finish. Considering we had a few late changes due to unavailability this is an incredible finish for the school.


No individual scores have been released yet but all the athletes have done the school proud!



James O, John O, Micah R, Kaylan B, Bobby L, Bobby I, Max N, Sophie L, Ruby N, Lily S-E, Brooke A, Darci L, Rachel C and Grace D


Clockhouse take part in first ever Havering Orienteering Event at Stubbers.


Clockhouse Primary School selected 6 pairs of children from Year 6 to attend the first ever Havering Orienteering Event at Stubbers.


On a difficult course the children displayed good map reading skills, teamwork and navigation skills.


Children navigated the course in times ranging from 28 minutes up to an hour and 6 minutes. Our fastest pair was Tom L and Charlie G who finished 6th fastest pair overall.


Mr Yarrow said 'It was great to have children out competing in a different type of challenge environment not just testing sporting ability but also engaging teamwork and route planning skills. Some children shone and others worked outside their comfort zones and learned new skills. For me the biggest result was that the children that took part had fun and have also asked if they can organise an inter-school orienteering event at Clockhouse later in the year. Well done to all who took part and thank you to all parents who transported children.'



Tom L and Charlie G

Hannah D and Beth C 

Jesse M and Kaylan B

Darci L and Jasmine B

Elli P and Giulia N

Charlie W and Filip