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Clockhouse shine at Quad Kids


Clockhouse shone as they took on Quad kids at the Hornchurch Stadium, allowing the different year groups to attend on several afternoons to showcase their hard work, determination and excellent athletic abilities. The children took part in four events - sprint, long distance, standing long jump and the vortex throw. All teams worked extremely hard on their stamina, technique and speed when training during their lunchtimes.
Year 2
19th out of 32 schools!
Individuallly Silviu (Canada) came 16th in Havering for the vortex throw in the Year 2 boys’ category.
Overall individual scores -
Year 2 girls category: 130 girls
50th Rose ( Canada)
88th Esme (Mexico)
99th Elsie (Mexico)
105th Ruby (USA)
Year 2 boys category: 130 boys
43rd Silviu ( Canada)
47th Dylan (USA)
81st Ellis (USA)
94th Aryian (Canada)
Year 3 and 4 
Year 3 - 31st out of 38 schools and Year 4 - 14th out of 39 schools!
Individuals that achieved top 20 scores:
Top jumper - 13th Lilly Mai (Uganda) Year 4 girls’ category
Top runner  - 13th Joey (Brazil) Year 3 boys’ category
Top jumper - 13th Lilly Mai (Uganda) Year 4 girls’ category
Top sprinter - 6th Lilly Mai (Uganda) Year 4 girls’ category

Elliot (Uganda) 11th overall in the Year 4 boys’ category
Overall individual scores -
Year 3 girls’ category: 155 girls
57th Freya (Brazil)
94th Olivia (Peru)
111th Mandy (Peru)
115th Amelia (Brazil

Year 3 boys’ category: 154 boys
50th Joey (Brazil)
122nd Riley F ( Argentina)
128th Riley L ( Argentina)
137th Georgie (Argentina)
Year 4 girls’ category: 153 girls
22nd Lilly Mai (Uganda)
41st Tainara (Uganda)
58th Olivia ( Kenya)
93rd Hallee (Kenya)

Year 4 boys’ category: 156 boys
55th George (Uganda)
67th Elliot (Uganda)
89th Frankie (SA)
95th Ousman (SA)
 Year 5 and 6 
Year 5 - 33rd out of 38 schools and Year 6 - 19th out of 37 schools.
Individuals that achieved top 20 scores:
Top jumper – 13th Archie G (Japan) Year 5 boys’ category
17th Fessy (Fiji) Year 6 boys’ category
20th Annabelle (Fiji) Year 6 girls’ category
Overall individual scores -
Year 5 girls’ category: 151 girls
71st Isabelle (India)
113th Lavinia (China)
140th Abigail (India)
143rd Isla (India)
Year 5 boys’ category: 151 boys
46th Archie G (Japan)
88th Joshua (India)
108th Danilo (India)
108th Archie C (China)

Year 6 girls’ category: 141 girls
36th Leani ( NZ)
38th Poppy (Fiji)
70th Annabelle (Fiji)
101st Amelia (NZ)
Year 6 boys category: 139 boys
30th Jake (Fiji)
92nd Fessy (Fiji)
104th Tyler (Fiji)
108th Raees (NZ)
All teams represented the school brilliantly and displayed amazing sportsmanship, displaying great determination and effort for athletic events in the future. Well done to all year groups who took part and made the school proud.




Year 3 and 4 do a great job competing for the David Leaper Cup 2024


On the 27th June, Year 3 and 4 had an amazing day competeing in the annual David Leaper Athltics Cup event. This allowed the children to showcase their athletic abilities in field and track events. The different classes across the two year groups battled it out, scoring points as a team to see which class would be the champion for the year and take the trophy.


The morning consisted of all the children taking part in two field events each which allowed them to apply the skills they had been working on across their athletics unit in PE. All the children did an amazing job when competing in the long jump, triple jump, megahowler throw, chest push, speed bounce, beanbag throw and five step. Watching the children strive for success and seeing their sporting abilities shine was a very proud moment for all to see.


During the afternoon session we focused on the track events allowing the classes on to the field to watch, cheer and encourage their class mates in all events. The children were excited and ready to race to score as many points as they could for their class. All children displayed amazing sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the afternoon in all 6 events, 60m sprint, space hopper race, beanbag race, egg and spoon race, 300m race and finally the relay race. 


As the day came to an end the scores were determined and the classes waited ready for the final results of the day, clapping and cheering all participates, finishing with a drum roll to announce the winners of the David Leaper Cup 2024.


A beg well done to South Africa who had consistent results and great determination to achieve in all events. Well done to all classes for their brilliant effort and hard work throughout the day.


1st Place: South Africa
2nd Place: Brazil
3rd Place: Argentina & Uganda
4th Place: Peru
5th Place: Kenya



Year 1 Embrace Athletics Opportunity


Clockhouse were given an amazing opportunity when they attended the Year 1 Indoor Athletics competition. This was new to the sporting calendar this year and brought so much excitement for the children who attended representing their school and trying new activities to build their knowledge in Athletics.

The team arrived at Hornchurch Sports Complex ready to learn and get involved in multiple activities which included running, jumping, throwing and stepping. The team showcased excellent determination and perseverance when trying all activities displaying brilliant team work. Throughout the competition the children cheered and encouraged each other with huge smiles on their faces.

As the competition went on, the growth in confidence was evident and proven in how they completed all activities, showcasing their amazing athletic skill. There is certainly great hope for an athletic future at Clockhouse!
Well done to the team for competing in your first Athletic competition!

Team – Ellison (Spain), Thea (Spain), Dembo (Spain), Arthur (France), Ralphie (Italy), Odri (Italy), Maria (Italy), Ollie (Italy), Rosie (France) and Lettie (France)



Year 2 are on form at Athletics


Clockhouse had an amazing opportunity to take part in a Year 2 Indoor Athletics Competition. The Team exhibited excellent behaviour from the moment we left the school to travel to Hornchurch Sports centre by public transport. The Team showcased their brilliant athletics skills which they worked extremely hard on during training showing huge improvements.

The Team took part in multiple events including jumping, running, throwing and stepping. Their scores were combined throughout the tournament. The students displayed remarkable sportsmanship, always encouraging and supporting each other. Their positive attitude and constant encouragement created an uplifting atmosphere which was fantastic as it was the teams first Indoor Athletics competition.

The Team took part in all 7 activities trying their absolute hardest and cheering on others in the team which allowed the children to build confidence as the afternoon continued. At the end of the day the schools sat and waited for the results to be read out, Clockhouse finished in 4th position out of an impressive 12 Schools.

Well done Team Clockhouse!
Team - Dylan (USA), Jack (USA), Ruby (USA), Eddie (USA), Rose (Canada), Silviu (Canada), Millie (Mexico), Elsie (Mexico) Nyah (Mexico) and Aymen (Mexico)


Amazing result for Year 3 and 4 Athletics Team


Our Year 3 and 4 Athletics team had their first competition of the year as a new team when taking part in the yearly Indoor Athletics tournament. The team faced a number of challenging schools from across the borough and took part in several track and field events. From the moment the team left the school, their behaviour was impeccable when travelling on public transport to the Hornchurch Sports Complex and this continued throughout the afternoon. The team demonstrated outstanding discipline, showcasing their respect for both their competitors and the team.
The team were excited to put to use the training they had been doing at school, arriving ready and striving to take part in their allocated events for the day. The teams were consistent in all races when crossing the line in the top 3. They did a fantastic job when tackling the field events, in fact they 'smashed it'! Taking on the long jump, vertical jump, chest push, javelin, speed bounce and a challenging five stride which they took time to practice and perfect in training.
The team finished with a very well deserved 2nd place in their heat, the team were truly outstanding the whole afternoon and did a fantastic job in all events and races! 

Great job Team Clockhouse!
Team - Elliot (Uganda), George (Uganda), Lilly-May (Uganda), Tainara (Uganda), Hallee (Kenya), Olivia (Kenya), Ousman (South Africa), Maxim (South Africa), Penny (Kenya), Victoria (South Africa), Freya (Brazil), Liv (Peru), Joey (Brazil), Riley (Brazil), Riley (Argentina), Liam (Peru) and Liam (Brazil)


Clockhouse fly high to land 3rd place!


Clockhouse Primary School ended with flying colours at the highly anticipated Indoor Athletics Tournament held at Hornchurch Sports Centre. During the even the children how cased remarkable skill and determination that earned them a well-deserved 3rd place of the day.
The Clockhouse team displayed exceptional prowess across various disciplines, combining speed, agility and teamwork to stand out in this high-energy sporting extravaganza.
In the sprints, Clockhouse athletes dashed with lightning speed, leaving spectators in awe as they conquered the running events with precision and skill. The team's dedication to perfecting their techniques in hurdles and relay races was evident, earning them crucial points in the overall standings.
The field events witnessed outstanding performances from Clockhouse's budding stars in long jump, triple jump, vertical jump and many more. Each participant exhibited remarkable technique and determination, earning crucial points that contributed significantly to the school's overall success.
Without exception, the children displayed commendable sportsmanship throughout the tournament and their teamwork, perseverance and unwavering spirit was commendable.  Miss Macdonald and Miss Matthews cheered passionately from the slide lines, giving both encouragement and guidance.
The remarkable journey through the Indoor Athletics Tournament at Hornchurch Sports Centre undoubtedly highlighted their dedication, talent, and sportsmanship, securing a well-deserved 3rd place and leaving an indelible mark in the annals of the school's sporting achievements. This is a huge improvement from last year’s competition and this is all due to their commitment and dedication to their training. Both Miss Macdonald and Mr Pye are eager to see how far this team can go throughout the year!
Team - Cooper (Japan), Joshua (India), Danilo (India), Lavinia (China), Victoria (Japan), Jake (Fiji), Tyler (Fiji), Fessy (Fiji), Charlie (Australia), Annabelle (Fiji), Poppy (Fiji), Amelia (New Zealand), Layla (Australia), Daria (Australia), Leani (New Zealand) and Harry (Australia)
Standout Performance - Fessy in the relay event.


Athletic Athletes in Year 1 and Year 2


The Year 1 and 2 athletics teams attended Quad Kids for an exciting day at Hornchurch stadium! The children worked extremely hard at lunchtimes practising the four events -

  • Vortex throw 
  • Standing long jump 
  • 300m Run
  • 50m Sprint


The children had a great time experiencing Quad Kids for the first time. They all tried their absolute best and I look forward to seeing them progress throughout the years at Clockhouse. 

Year 1 - 19th out of 31 schools
Year 2 - 13th out of 32 schools.
Individuals that achieved top 20 scores :
Top jumper - 
4th - Liam M (Canada) Year 2 boys category 
Top runners -
17th- Joey M (Mexico) Year 2 boys category 
Top thrower -
14th- Esme B (Italy) Year 1 girls category 
Overall individual scores -
Year 1 girls category:
79th- Elsie E ( Italy)
81st - Esme B ( Italy)
81st - Alexandra G (Italy)
84th- Thea M (France)
Year 1 boys category;
39th- Dylan B ( France)
68th- Ayyub C (Italy)
75th- Ellis B (France)
101th- Silviu B ( Spain)
Year 2 girls category;
50th- Freya C ( Mexico)
61st - Olivia R ( Canada)
72nd - Mandy S ( Canada)
96th- Ruya F (USA)
Year 2 boys category:
18th- Liam M ( Canada)
29th- Joey M ( Mexico)
61st - Liam M (Mexico)
73rd - Riley L (Mexico)
The team represented the school brilliantly they impressed with behaviour and sportsmanship. 
Excellent job team!

Year 3 and 4 embrace Quad Kids


The second Quad Kids event of the year took place earlier in the term, for Year 3 and 4. Many children  were attending for the first time. The team set out to impress and did a fantastic job in all events - 
  • 400m Run 
  • Vortex throw
  • Standing long jump 
  • 50m Sprint
Year 3 pushed through despite being a team member down and managed to come 32nd out of 38 schools, a great effort from all. Year 4 came 18th out of 40 schools! A brilliant result well done.
Individuals that achieved top 20 scores :
Top sprinters - 
2nd - Elliot R (Argentina) Year 3 boys category 
Top jumpers- 
1st - Tainara C ( Argentina) Year 3 girls category 
7th - Lavina T (South Africa) Year 4 girls category 
Overall individual scores:
Year 3 boys category: 
42nd - Elliot R ( Argentina)
111th- Frankie S ( Peru)
113th- Ousman J ( Peru)
129th- Jack B ( Peru) 
Year 3 girls category:
49th- Tainara C ( Argentina)
82nd - Hallee V ( Brazil)
107th- Lilly- Mae J (Argentina)
Year 4 boys category: 
63rd - Cooper B ( Uganda)
65th- Joshua D ( Kenya)
80th- Danilo R ( Kenya)
122nd - Tyler M ( Uganda )
Year 4 girls category:
30th - Lavinia T ( SA)
61st - Lois M ( SA)
78th- Isabelle ( Kenya ) 
126th - Eliza S ( Kenya) 
The children competed in each category with some some very experienced schools. All the children worked to the best of their abilities and made the school very proud. Keep up all the hard work. 
Well done team Year 3 and Year 4! 




Amazing time for Year 5 and 6 Athletes


Year 5 and 6 started off our Quad Kids Athletics season at Hornchurch Stadium in style! During the event, they took part in four events - 

  • 75m sprint 
  • 600m Run
  • Vortex Throw 
  • Standing long jump
The team received an overall score as a year group team and also individual scores - 
  • Year 5 - came 16th out of 38 schools! 
  • Year 6 - came 7th out of 36 schools! 
Whilst everybody did their best there were also some significant individuals that achieved top 20 scores:
Top throwers - 
12th- Tyler (India) Year 5 boys category 
15th- Keziah F ( Australia) Year 6 girls category 
16th- Harry S ( Fiji)Year 6 boys category 
Top runners - 
5th- Kristina P ( Fiji) Year 6 girls category 
14th- Tristan W (Australia) Year 6 boys category 
Top jumpers - 
15th- Kristina (Fiji) Year 6 girls category 
17th- Harry S (Fiji) Year 6 boys category 
Overall individual scores:
Year 5 boys category - 
34th - Jake W (India)
46th - Tyler K ( India)
70th- Kevin R ( India)
105th- Finley C (India)
Year 5 girls category - 
44th- Leani F (Japan)
45th- Poppy W (India)
68th-  Amelia T ( Japan)
93rd - Amaya K ( Japan)
Year 6 boys category -
12th- Harry S ( Fiji)
52nd - Finn N (NZ)
54th-  Tristan ( Australia)
75th- Teddie M (Fiji)
Year 6 girls category:
21st - Kristina P ( Fiji)
29th- Keziah F ( Australia)
48th- Millie M ( Fiji)
74th- Blu W ( Australia)
This is a excellent achievement for Clockhouse and the team! Well done everyone!



Clockhouse Marvel at the Mini Marathon


On Saturday 22nd May, for the first time ever, Clockhouse children got the opportunity to participate in the London Marathon. Taking place the day before the full one, the mini marathon was a mile long course that started at Horse Guards Parade and finishing in The Mall. The children have been training hard for this event and at the start line, there was a mixture of nerves and excitement. Once the race started, all those nerves disappeared. All the children taking part performed brilliantly and were an absolute credit to the school. 
A huge thank you must go to Mrs Ferreira, who has given up her time to train the children after school. Also to Mrs Polackova who has been helping with this. Finally a thank you to the parents who took the children up to London so that they could take part in this wonderful opportunity. 



Speedy effort from Year 2!


On 9th March the Year 2 Athletics Team took part in an indoor athletics competition at Hornchurch Sports Centre. A great opportunity to represent the school and compete in their first athletics competition as a team ! 

The day was split into 6 activities (Jumper, Bouncer, Launcher, Bowler, Stepper and Thrower) and finished with 2 friendly relay races. The children gave 100% effort into all activities and worked so well, encouraging all within the team ! 

As a team Clockhouse was very successful on the Stepper event using their speed to complete the activity in the quickest time. The Team enjoyed every moment and loved the experience. They has worked extremely hard in the past 2 weeks practising completely new events that thy have not experienced before! 

Miss Macdonald said “I was so proud of all the team who took part, watching them progress and build confidence throughout the day which was great to see! I have full confidence that they will progress in Athletics throughout their time at Clockhouse! Well done everyone great job.”
Team - Georgie - USA, Riley - USA, Elissa - USA, Dilan- USA, Freya - Mexico, Liam - Mexico, Blake - Mexico, Olivia - Canada , Payton- Canada and Mandy - Canada 
Well done Clockhouse! 



Amazing Athletics from Year 3 and 4!

Following the success of Year 5 and 6, it was the turn of Year 3 and 4 to compete in the indoor athletics borough competition.
The Year 3 and 4 squad had many first time performers and they endured a tricky start against some very experienced schools. They never let this faze them, growing into the competition with a wonderful 2nd place in the boys 1+1 lap relay and the girls 1+1 lap hurdles relay. Over in the field, the children took part in long jump, vertical jump, speed bounce, javelin, chest push and 5 step. There were some incredible individual performances in these events which propelled Clockhouse up the leader board.  
By the end, Clockhouse took a very respectable 5th place. So close was the competition, we were only a few points away from 2nd place.  Overall, a great experience and learning curve with lots of positives to build on. 
Squad - Hallee, Olivia, Amelie, Avani, Poppy, Abigail, Lavinia, Lois, Elizabeth, Jayden, Harrison, Maxim, Reean, Cooper, Toby, Archie, Danilo, Hugo. 




Consistent Clockhouse Reap Rewards!


Sportshall Athletics was the second Athletics tournament of the year after a positive start in the cross country. The Year 5 and 6 children had to progress through trials in school for the first time in order to join the squad and have given up their lunchtimes in order to train for this event. The training proved beneficial as an incredibly consistent display saw Clockhouse win their heat for the second year running, before finishing 8th overall in the borough. 
Consistency was really the keyword of the day for the girls running team, as they continually managed to finish 2nd in their races before winning the final race of the day. The boys, again a model of consistency, finishing 1st or 2nd in almost all of their races before also winning the final race of the day. 
Meanwhile, there were some incredible performances in the field events, particularly in the long jump, speed bounce and javelin. Also, a huge well done to the children who took on the challenging triple jump and gave up extra time to learn the technique. Again, this hard work paid off as they finished very high up the standings. 
Overall, this was another very encouraging performance in the indoor Athletics so a big well done to the children who have shown amazing enthusiasm and dedication towards improving their Athletics skills. 
Squad: Kristina P, Harry S, Teddie M, Finn N, Olivia W, Frankie S, Emmie P, Tristan W, Faith W, Poppy W, Annabelle L, Jake W, Tyler K, Finley C, Kevin R, Rosie S, Amelia E, Aviela C
1st in our heat; 8th in the borough.



Amazing Athletics Opportunity


A small number of children ventured into the Olympic Park on Saturday morning to take part in a mile race. The run took place next to the Velodrome from the 2012 Olympics.
On an incredibly hilly course and being very cold, the children did themselves proud and never gave up. A big well done to all four of them. A huge well done to Jake who managed to cross the line as the first under 16, finishing the mile in an incredible time of 7 minutes 25 seconds. 
Thank you to the parents for giving up their Saturday to bring the children to the race.



Clocking up some serious speed at Sportshall Athletics!


Following the recent success of the Year 5 and 6's, Years 2, 3 and 4 got the opportunity to participate in the Havering Sportshall Athletics Competitions.
On day 1 Year 3 and 4 proved to be very succesful on the track with 1st places in the Girls Obstacle Race, Boys Obstacle Race, Girls Over / Under Relay, Boys Over / Under Relay and Girls 4x1 Lap Relay. 
There was also 2nd place finishes in the Girls 1+1 Lap Hurdles, Boys 1+1 Lap Relay and the Girls 1+1 Lap Relay.
All racers finished on the podium as every other race (Girls 2+2 Lap Relay, Boys 2+2 Lap Relay, Boys 1+1 Lap Hurdles and Boys 4x1 Lap Relay) finished with Clockhouse in 3rd place.
In the field the children took part inchest push, five strides, standling long jump, vertical jump, speed bounce and soft javelin.
As a result Clockhouse Year 3 and 4 athletes managed an overall 5th place. At the end of the day Mr Yarrow said 'This is a team put together with minimal training, 5th is a fantastic result. Typically by now children would be identified for their athletic ability but due to the pandemic these children last learnt athletics in Year 1 and 2, making the result even more phenomenal!
Thank you to Miss Ibrahima for supporting on the day at late notice and to Mr Pye for his trials/ training. A final thanks to all the parents who supported with transport.'
The fillowing day the competition had a new layout for the Year 2's. The athlete's took part in 8 field events (Balancer, Jumper, Bouncer, Launcher, Striker, Pitcher, Catcher and Bowler). This was finished by 2 relay races to finish the event. The year 2 achieved a 2nd place finish overall behind joint winner Mead and Nelmes.
Mr Yarrow commented on the day by saying 'Year 2 is a real area of sporting success currently. We have identifed some children with bright sporting furures at Clockhouse and in later life!
This is a great competition as the field based events promote balance, stability, control, leaping, landing, co-ordination, throwing, speed, spatial awareness and agility. All skills that can be used in so many ways.
Thanks again to Miss Ibrahima for supporting at the event and to the parents for transporting the children.'
YEAR 3 and 4 ATHLETES: Jake W, Tyler K, Bogdan B, Alfie T, Cooper B, Kevin R Mujtaba W, Finley C, Archie G, Isabelle H, Abagail O, Lana W, Annabelle L, Amelia E, Leani F, Poppy W, Connie S and  Layla M
YEAR 2 ATHLETES: Frankie S, George F, Harrison F, Grace C, Hallee V, Lilly-Mai J, Tainara C, Amalie S and Reean B





Clocks run to a record breaking athletics success!


Sportshall Athletics returned for the first time since the pandemic. The year 5 and 6 squad had some first time performers and some experienced campaigners. The blend proved beneficial as for the first time Clockhouse won their heats and went on to an all time high 5th overall in the borough!!!
A variety of field events were ongoing throughout the day including long jump, tripple jump, verticle jump, soft javelin, chest push, and speed bounce.
Meanwhile there were a number of successful races on the track. The girls Obstacle Relay team got Clockhouse off to the perfect start winning the openning race of the day. Not to be outdone the boys obstacle relay team also won their race.
The girls were back on the track for the 1+1 lap relay and the 2+2 lap relay. The girls finishing 2nd and then another first place.
When the boys returned for their 1+1 lap relay and 2+2 lap relay they managed to stay on the podium with a 3rd and 2nd place.
The long distance 6 lap was next up. The girls winning their race comfortably whilst the boys battled for a 3rd place finish.
The penultimate race for each team was the Over / Under Relays. The girls finishing in 2nd place whilst the boys took 1st place.
The final race for each team was the 4x1 lap relay. The consistency on the track continued with the girls grabbing a 2nd place and the boys taking 1st place.
Mr Yarrow was very happy after the athletics competition and had the following to say 'Wow! What a performance. In all my time at Clockhouse I haven't seen such a dominant performance on the track! To adapt after 2 years without competition really shows the fight and courage of the children who represented the school. 
A 5th place finish in the whole of the borough is the highest I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. I'm sure there will be some individual success to be celebrated at sports presentation evening later in the year!
A huge thank you to Mr Pye who sacrifices his lunchtimes to help prepare the squad! Thanks also to the parents who transported the children. We really couldn't do all this sport without your help and support.
The athletics heat victory is Clockhouse's third major sporting success of the academic year following results in the year 2 football & the Havering Tag Rugby League. KEEP IT UP CLOCKHOUSE!!!
SQUAD: Emily P, Kristina P, Olivia W, Isla H, Willow S, Lucia B, Finn N, Harry M, Teddie M, Alex C, Harry S, Issac T, Lewis C and Patrick S


Clockhouse run through the streets of London


A small number of our Year 5 children were lucky enough to take part in the London 'Mile a Day' race. The children started their run in Green Park and finished in front of Buckingham Palace.


As a school we were choosen to take part due to the fact we participate in the Mile a Day at school where children walk / jog / run a mile each day. This is proven to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and wellbeing of children – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances.


Well done to all who took part - what an honour, you were all amazing. A big well done to Jake L who finished the first of the Clockhouse children. A further big well done and thank you to Mrs Curry and Mrs Redgrave who took time out of their weekend to run with the children!



Clockhouse mix it with best of the borough at Indoor Sportshall Athletics


Clockhouse competed as one of thirty eight schools in the Havering Indoor Athletics Competition. For years Clockhouse have attended under the guidance of Mr Thomas so it was very different to not have him on board whilst the squad trained together.


That being said the team tried their hardest and received a hard faught 4th place finish. Considering we had a few late changes due to unavailability this is an incredible finish for the school.


No individual scores have been released yet but all the athletes have done the school proud!



James O, John O, Micah R, Kaylan B, Bobby L, Bobby I, Max N, Sophie L, Ruby N, Lily S-E, Brooke A, Darci L, Rachel C and Grace D


Clockhouse take part in first ever Havering Orienteering Event at Stubbers.


Clockhouse Primary School selected 6 pairs of children from Year 6 to attend the first ever Havering Orienteering Event at Stubbers.


On a difficult course the children displayed good map reading skills, teamwork and navigation skills.


Children navigated the course in times ranging from 28 minutes up to an hour and 6 minutes. Our fastest pair was Tom L and Charlie G who finished 6th fastest pair overall.


Mr Yarrow said 'It was great to have children out competing in a different type of challenge environment not just testing sporting ability but also engaging teamwork and route planning skills. Some children shone and others worked outside their comfort zones and learned new skills. For me the biggest result was that the children that took part had fun and have also asked if they can organise an inter-school orienteering event at Clockhouse later in the year. Well done to all who took part and thank you to all parents who transported children.'



Tom L and Charlie G

Hannah D and Beth C 

Jesse M and Kaylan B

Darci L and Jasmine B

Elli P and Giulia N

Charlie W and Filip