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Welcome to Greenland


Greenland is an exciting place to be, it is part of the continent of North America! Like every Year Group at Clockhouse, we have a fun-filled, creative curriculum to excite and inspire the children of the year group. The adults work hard to ensure that we make the learning in Greenland exciting and memorable. The adults we get to work with are Miss Ward, Mrs Redgrave, Mrs Burrell, Miss Brown, Mrs Jackson and Miss Munroe. We also have a number of other adults who help us learn, make progress and be the best that we can be.


Our exciting lessons are linked to the Clockhouse Curriculum and using our topics we also have the opportunity to develop and improve our Literacy and Numeracy skills. During the year, we will be learning through the exciting themes of European Adventure, Who were the Mayan?, Space and Adventure, The Victorians and Alive and Kicking! Alongside the Clockhouse Curriculum, we have weekly sessions of Drama, PE, Cooking, Messy Play, Mindfulness, Art Therapy and Lego Club.


During the Autumn term, we learn about Europe as part of our topic “Our European Adventure”. This is when we learn about the continents and countries that make up Europe and their cultures. We get to learn about traditions that other people follow and also make lots of tasty treats in Cooking.


During the Spring term, we begin our learning by travelling back in time to the time of the Mayans where we discover who the Mayans were. We then move onto to looking at Space. We get to explore the different planets and learn more about our Solar System.


During the Summer term, we step back in time again to Victorian England. During this topic we learn about how the Victorians lived, the different inventions they made and compare how life was then to how we live our lives today. During the last part of the Summer term, our topic is “Let’s Get Physical” and we investigate the life process of humans, animals and plants, as well as habitats.


During each topic some of the children will be set a home learning project which provides an opportunity to learn about the things that interest us and we want to find out about.


During the year we will have lots of other exciting events… keep checking the website and letters home for further information.


All this sensational learning means that we enjoy our time in Greenland and are ready and excited for the new challenges ahead of us.

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