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#ourclockhousefamily Welcome to our school!






My school is the best, it really is amazing and do you know what? It is like this every day! I am so lucky! I leave my house every morning and run to school. I stand in the playground looking at all the choices I have before me. I love this playground but I am so excited about what will be coming my way, so keen to step through the door. As I approach the door I shake hands with my fabulous teacher and walk into my amazing and vibrant classroom. Our magnificent learning covers the walls and reminds us of all the incredible things we have already learnt. In one corner are our remarkable models, as I turn around I am reminded of the extraordinary trip out we went on and just as I sit in my seat, in front of me I see what is coming my way today – wow! I just adore this school! The day passes by in a flash with my terrific teachers and fabulous friends making sure the fun is maximised throughout the whole day. At every moment, each and every one of us hang off every word and activity that comes our way. Even the bits that could be a bit boring really are not. We are always learning, we learn everywhere in our school, inside, outside and even upside down but always together. There are so many things that make school exciting for us, it would be impossible to believe if I wasn’t part of this phenomenal experience – from trips out to visitors in, from learning skills to help us in life to special weeks, the list just goes on and on.

How can we top that? I can’t wait until tomorrow, what will it hold? Even when I am old and grey, I’ll never forget the amazing and exciting experience, I was lucky enough to have at this school!