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Lunch Menus

Lunchtime Menu



From September 2023 all children across the school (from Reception to Year 6) will be entitled to receive a free school dinner under the Universal Free School Meals offer.


Water will be available for your child but should they wish to have a different drink with their meal, they will need to bring this to school with them.


Choosing from the menu:

In response to parent/carer requests the children are now asked to decide at registration in the morning what they want for lunch that day from the menu options displayed on the classroom interactive whiteboard. You may wish to speak to your child in advance to discuss the menu options available each day, which dishes are the healthier options and, especially, check that your child knows the names of food items that they may previously have known only by sight. We hope that the system ensures that every child receives their food preferences. The current menu can be viewed on the school website, or copies are available from the school office.


Break time snack:

All children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are provided with a healthy snack at breaktime. If your KS2 child wishes to have a snack at breaktime, please provide them with fruit or vegetables.

Please click on the link below for our current menu: