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History at Clockhouse Primary School


"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future!"

Theodore Roosevelt



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Who leads History at Clockhouse?

Hello, I am Miss Burrell and I lead History at Clockhouse Primary School. I have been passionate about history since I myself was at primary school, and was lucky enough to be able to continue to study it to degree level. I truly love learning about the past, as well as teaching about it, and I feel privileged to get to share this with the children of Clockhouse.


What is History all about at Clockhouse?

History at Clockhouse is about preparing the children not only with the skills to be great historians, but those they will need to be successful members of society as they move on to life beyond Primary education.

We believe that history is an important subject for children to study to develop not only those transferable skills for life, but to understand the world they live in today. It is vital to us that they are given the opportunity to develop skills specific to the discipline, as well as their understanding of significant people and past events, both in terms of world History, as well as developing a clear narrative of the history of the British Isles. It is important to us that this is delivered in a memorable way that excites and engages the children, ensuring they are always keen to learn more.


We follow all of the areas of history outlined by the national curriculum, where appropriate selecting periods to study that are meaningful to the children and help them to develop their understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ of local, British and world history. We build on children’s knowledge progressively through substantive themes, both specific to the study of history, as well as to the whole school curriculum. This is done through key questions we strive to answer known as the ‘golden threads’.


This approach allows our children to not view history as a linear narrative, or as a series of isolated events, but as a complex and diverse tapestry where periods overlap, ideologies, cultures, civilizations and the people with power influence and impact on one another. Developing their chronological awareness, understanding of cause and effect, as well as allowing them to ask and answer their own historical questions.


We are passionate about teaching the children to become skilled historians in ways that they will always remember, and this is what history is all about at Clockhouse.


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It is really important to us that History is a fun and exciting subject here at Clockhouse Primary School. As well as our challenging and engaging lessons, we like to plan activities for the children to further enrich their learning throughout each term.


This includes zoom sessions with the British museum, themed days planned by both our teachers and external visitors, as well as numerous trips throughout the year. These include but are not exclusive to, visiting Hedingham castle, a ‘Victorian’ town in Shropshire and the Gunpowder Mill. We also visit many museums to support and reinforce what the children have studied during their lessons.


It is also really important that our learning environment supports and engages the children. So, unlike some schools, we do not have displays of our history work in our classrooms, but rather working walls to support the children as their knowledge widens and deepens. We also have some incredible themed corridors, some of which can be seen in our video below!


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