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Maths at Clockhouse

How can you help your child improve their mathematical ability?



'I love the way we learn maths, I like to complete all the challenges!'

Alex (Year 3)


For the adults

At Clockhouse Primary School we are constantly striving to improve the children's mathematical ability and hugely value the support we get from Parents / Carers to do this.


Sometimes it is easy to forget how simple helping children develop their mathematical ability can be. Alongside the daily practising of number bonds and time tables, whether it be in the car or baking a cake, going to the supermarket or reading a book maths is everywhere. Visit our virtual maths class room to find out lots of fun ways  to support your child with maths.


For the children

Do you enjoy maths? Are you finding something about your maths learning a challenge? Visit our virtual maths classroom and practise you skills.


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