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Life Skills Curriculum

Our Life Skills Curriculum



' I love all my learning, every bit of it!'

Abigail (Reception)


As a school we place importance on children developing the skills they need to succeed in life along with all children achieveing their potential accademically. 


Along with the subject based curriculum each year group has a life skill curriculum which allows them the opportutniy to develop and support the learning of these valuable skills. Whether it be learning to use a knife and fork or tying shoe laces, or learing to sew on a button or making a cup of tea the children will be given the opportunity to develop these life long skills.


If you want to find our more about the skills the children will be learning, please follow the link below where you will find the information you require by clicking on each Year Group and following the link to their curriculum page:

Click on the links below to see us learning our Life Skills: