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We hope you are all having a great summer! Please remember that school re-opens on Thursday 5th September - we are looking forward to seeing you all!

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Year 5 is an exciting year to be a part of, it is also known as the continent of Asia! Like every Year Group at Clockhouse, we have a fun-filled, creative curriculum to excite and inspire the children of the year group. Our teachers work hard to ensure that we make the learning in Year 5 exciting and memorable. Our teachers are Miss Taylor (China), Miss Jones (India) and Miss Watkins (Japan). We also have a number of other adults who help us learn, make progress and be the best that we can be.


Our exciting lessons are linked to the Clockhouse Curriculum and using our topics we also have the opportunity to develop and improve our Literacy and Numeracy skills. During Year 5 we will be learning through the exciting themes of Phileas’ Mediterranean Adventure, Phileas Goes Back in Time, Around the World in 80 Days – How did Phileas start his adventure? and Let’s get Philsycal! At the start of each new topic we have an entry point activity which helps us to get involved in the new theme and motivated to learn. At the end of each topic we have an Exit Point where we celebrate our learning throughout the topic. We often invite our parents in as this gives us the opportunity to share our learning in a fun and meaningful way.


During the Autumn term, we travel across the Channel with famous explorer Phileas Fogg to explore the countries of Europe and the Mediterranean as part of our topic “Phileas’ Mediterranean Adventure”. During this topic we learn about the history, art, culture and human and physical geography of different European countries.


During the first half of the Spring term, we begin our learning by travelling back in time to the time of the Mayans as part of our topic “Phileas Goes Back in Time”. During this topic we discover who the Mayans were and how their beliefs helped to develop our understanding of the seasons and the movement of the Earth and Moon around the sun.


Then, during the second half of the Spring term and the first half of the Summer term, we journey to Victorian England as part of our topicAround the World in 80 Days – How did Phileas start his adventure?” During this topic we will be exploring how the British Empire expanded across the globe, the inventions and discoveries made during this time and how education has changed since then.


During the second half of the Summer term, we continue our journey with our mascot Phileaus but this time investigate the life process of humans, animals and plants as part of our topic “Let’s get Philsycal!” During this topic we will explore how humans change as they grow and the habitats different animals make their homes in.


During each topic we will have a home learning project which provides an opportunity to learn about the things that interest us and we want to find out about.


During the year we will have lots of other exciting events… keep checking the website and letters home for further information.


All this sensational learning means that we enjoy our time in Year 5 and are ready and excited for the new challenges ahead of us in Year 6!


Please click on the link below to find out more information about what we will be learning this year: