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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Year 3 is an exciting year to be a part of, it is also known as the continent of South America! Like every Year Group at Clockhouse, we have a fun-filled, creative curriculum to excite and inspire the children of the year group. Our teachers work hard to ensure that we make the learning in Year 3 exciting and memorable. Our teachers are Mrs Redgrave and Mrs Herrera (Argentina), Miss Burrell (Peru) and Miss Spencer (Brazil). We also have a number of other adults who help us learn, make progress and be the best that we can be.


Our exciting lessons are linked to the Clockhouse Curriculum and using our topics we also have the opportunity to develop and improve our Literacy and Numeracy skills. During Year 3, we will be learning through the exciting themes of ‘Who do you think you are?’, ‘What on Earth has been going on?’ and our final topic, ‘The Groovy Greeks’.


At the start of each new topic, we have an entry point activity, which helps us to get involved in the new theme and motivated to learn. At the end of each topic, we have an Exit Point where we celebrate our learning throughout the topic. We often invite our parents in as this gives us the opportunity to share our learning in a fun and meaningful way.


During the Autumn term, we learn about life in the Stone Age and Iron Age. As part of our topic we will learn about the life styles of people living during this time and how it changed over time. We will be learning about settlement and what we will need to survive, including building our own dens!


During the Spring term and our topic, ‘What on Earth has been going on?’ we will be learning about volcanoes and what it was like on Earth when dinosaurs existed. This was a new topic for Year 3 last year and we have decided to keep following the positive feedback we received from the children.


During the Summer term we will be learning about the life styles of the Ancient Greeks and how they have impacted on our lives today. During this topic, we will get the opportunity to dress up in Ancient Greek clothing and take part in some Olympic style games.


During each topic we will have a home learning project, which provides an opportunity to learn about the things that interest us and we want to find out about.


During the year, we will have lots of other exciting event, such as a trip to Barleylands in October and inviting visitors from Portals from the past who will teach us more about the Ancient Greeks. Keep checking the website and letters home for further information.


All this sensational learning means that we enjoy our time in Year 3 and are ready and excited for the new challenges ahead of us in Year 4!


Please click on the link below to find out more information about what we will be learning this year: