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Clockhouse excel at new sport!

On the 25th  March, teams from schools all across the borough gathered to take part in an exhilarating Badminton Festival. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement as the students prepared to learn all about Badminton which they did with such excellent team spirit.
As the Festival got underway, the children took part in 10 activities focusing on different aspects of Badminton. They displayed determination and resilience throughout, never giving up even when faced with tricky challenges. From the beginning to the end, Clockhouse demonstrated exceptional determination and perseverance recalling lots of new information needed to help then along the. They did so with precision and speed with some fantastic shots using the racket and the shuttlecock.
The children started the day nervously and excited to have such an amazing opportunity to learn all about Badminton as this is not a sport that is regularly taught in primary school, by the end of the morning session, the children had made great progress and understood the purpose of the game and the could demonstrate the key skills needed in the game and ready to take to secondary school.
The children represented the school excellently with amazing team work and behaviour which was commented on by a member of staff from the Festival. Well done Team Clockhouse you have made us all proud!
Team - Connie – (New Zeland), Haris – (New Zeland), Ethan – (New Zealand), Amaya - (New Zealand), Rosie – (Australia), Hashim - (India) and Lewis (Japan)




Clockhouse have a blast at badminton!


Clockhouse had an amazing opportunity to take part in a Badminton Festival at Hornchurch Sports Complex.
The team arrived ready to learn and take part in a new sport, the morning started with a lesson about how to play badminton and the key vocabulary needed. The team where quizzed on this at the end of the session and remembered every detail!
The children took part in 10 fabulous different activities all focused on different elements needed to play badminton. The team all got involved and made excellent progress throughout the morning. The children worked so hard on different techniques needed and worked amazingly well as a team.
The children made the school proud encouraging the whole team to get the activities completed and did so with a huge smile on their faces the whole morning, earning lots of stickers on the way!
Team - David (Argentina), Yuqub (Argentina), Riley (Brazil), Amelia (Brazil), Rose (Peru), Matthew (Peru) and  Liam (Peru)
Well done Team, great job!



Clockhouse have a blast at badminton!


Clockhouse took part in a competition at Hornchurch Sports Centre on the 23rd January and had fun filled day learning all about badminton.
When the team arrived, they took part in a warm up and started to enjoy themselves instantly. This was followed by learning and taking part in 10 different activities all focused on different skills and techniques needed in badminton! The children took it in turns to do activities and to score points, which were combined to produce a team score.
This was a brilliant experience for the children to learn a new sport and represent the school - improving throughout the morning and building their teamwork.
Miss Macdonald said, “I was very proud of all the children that took part, they showed great sportsmanship throughout the morning with different Havering schools. They encouraged others and showed great positivity and determination. Well done everyone!”
Team -
Year 3 - Reean, Theo
Year 4 - Lavinia, Abigail , Isabelle, Amelia , Danilo , Noah