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Clockhouse take on the challenge of Cheerleading


Clockhouse had an amazing opportunity to take part in a Cheerleading workshop to learn and develop new skills at Hornchurch Sports Complex. The fun filled afternoon started with learning key vocabulary used in cheerleading such as ‘clean’ and ‘T’. The children were very excited to learn new choreography taught by a cheerleading coach and managed to keep in time and perform with confidence and big smiles on their faces.


After learning the dance, they then proceeded to add cheerleading jumps and tumbles into the routine. The timing was key when taking part using the counts to help them perform at the same time as the group. The last part of the afternoon was focused on stunts which allowed the children to perform lifts as a group with different roles as a team.


Watching the group progress throughout the afternoon was amazing. The children learnt new skills which they can now use at dance club and in the future as well as developing their teamwork. Well done everyone who attended !


Gracie (Peru), Radu (Peru), Hallee (Kenya), David (Kenya), Lilly Mai (Uganda), Gracie (Uganda), Annabelle (Fiji) and Poppy (Fiji)