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Clockhouse are bowled over!


Clockhouse took part in the highly anticipated Pentathlon Bowling Tournament. The students exhibited remarkable teamwork, dedication, and exemplary behavior throughout the competition. Their outstanding performance ensured they were excellent role models for our school. The vibrant enthusiasm they displayed was truly commendable.
Clockhouse School's commitment to achieving success was evident from the very beginning. The students worked fantastically well, giving their best effort to score as many points as possible as a team. Their hard work paid off, as they managed to secure an impressive overall score with one of our teams coming in a very impressive 2nd place. The whole team performed remarkably, scoring lots of strikes and spares throughout the morning with three of the team members scoring above 100 points!

The enthusiasm displayed by our pupils was infectious. Their excitement and passion for the sport was evident in their every move. They cheered each other on, celebrated successes, and supported one another through challenges. With members of staff and parents supporting and encouraging everyone in the team the whole morning expressing how proud they all where. Their enthusiasm was a driving force behind their impressive achievement at the tournament.

Well done to all team members:
Team - Lucas (Fiji), Andrew (Fiji), Anna (Fiji), Jody (New Zealand), Jack (New Zealand), Jayden (Austalia), Lily (Greenland / Australia), Evan (South Africa), Albie (South Africa), Logan (Kenya) and Louie (New Zealand)


Player of the day: Evan