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Fabulous Football from Year 3 and 4 girls!


Well done to our Year 3 and 4 girls football team who played their hearts out on the pitch at Noak Hill Sports Complex. They displayed excellent teamwork and put in a tremendous effort throughout the entire day. The players worked brilliantly, passing the ball with precision and supporting each other on and off the pitch.


The team arrived at the tournament nervous and excited for their first match as a new team. They showed immense determination and never gave up, even when faced with tough opponents. Every player gave their all, chasing every ball, and Penny, the team’s goalie, made some fantastic saves.


Not only did the team demonstrate exceptional teamwork, but they also displayed great skill around the pitch working on their individual positions with Gracie, Liv, Abeer and Freya scoring some fantastic goals! Mya and Olivia were great defenders stopping the opposition.


The team played 5 different schools and the girls played exceptionally well as a team. Their hard work, passion and dedication were evident throughout the matches, this did not go unnoticed as the team had a football coach compliment them regarding how well they played as a team and for their excellent behaviour.


Team Players: Liv (Peru), Freya (Brazil), Abeer (Kenya), Gracie (Uganda), Olivia (Kenya) and Mya (South Africa)


Player of the day – Gracie



Clockhouse show great promise!


Clockhouse had a great time when they attended the Year 3 and 4 football tournament.


The team arrived ready and determined to play to the best standard possible. The team demonstrated great team work and put in tremendous effort throughout the day.


The team stepped onto the pitch to play the first match of the day against Langtons, the team had a great start passing the ball around with precision not hesitating to tackle for the ball. Harry the Goal Keeper made an excellent save keeping the boys in the game, the short game came to and end with a 0-0 draw.


The next game soon came around where Clockhouse played St Joseph’s with a great performance from all players, Caleb changed the game putting Clockhouse in front with an excellent goal followed up by another goal by Reean, the team carried on pushing until the end with a full time result of 2-0. This was followed by a great 3-0 win against Scotts Primary, with some outstanding goals from Elliot, Liam and George, the whole team excelled with Jack and Frankie not backing down in defence!


In next match the boys faced Gidea Park Primary. Their momentum started to grow as the boys played as a team and where pushed to play at their highest standard, never giving up and ending the match with a goalless draw.


The boys showed immense determination not backing down despite facing their most challenging opponent’s yet Harold Wood Primary, The players worked harmoniously, passing the ball with precision and supporting each other on and off the pitch, despite being a goal down the boys pushed through and played their best until the whistle with a last match of the day finishing 1-0 down.


In conclusion, our Year 3 and 4 team played exceptionally well as a team. Their hard work, passion, and dedication was evident throughout the match. Their incredible teamwork and individual skills were truly commendable, making them a force to be reckoned with on the football pitch.


Team - Reean (Kenya), Elliot (Uganda), Harry N (Uganda), Jack (South Africa), Liam (Brazil), Frankie (South Africa), Caleb (Uganda) and George (Uganda)



An unbeaten day for the boys!


The Year 5 and 6 boys football team enjoyed a fantastic afternoon at Harrow Lodge Primary School. 
Despite the cold and wet conditions the lads produced four fabulous performances. 
It began with a hard fought goalless draw with Benhurst Primary, with both team finding their feet. 
Followed up with another 0-0 draw this time versus Crownfield Juniort with our defence of Safa and Elijah proving to be a formidable partnership!
Momentum was beginning to grow and despite going a goal behind, a wonderful corner by Jake was spectacularly volleyed home by Bogdan resulting in a 1-1 draw against Branfil. 
The mix of Year 5 and 6 were now really starting to click and in the final match against St Edwards we finally got what we deserved when after an absolute rocket of a shot by Alfie hit both posts, Bogdan was on hand to tuck the rebound into a gapping net securing a 1-0 victory and seeing Clockhouse finish the only unbeaten team on the day! 
Team - Finn (Fiji), Safa (Australia), Elijah (New Zealand), Jake (Fiji), Bogdan (Fiji), Frankie (New Zealand), Tyler (Fiji), Joshua (India), Danilo (India) and Alfie (Japan)
Player of the tournament - Jake 



Girls remain unbeaten to the end!


Our Year 5 and 6 girls football team played their hearts out on the pitch at the girls football league. They displayed excellent teamwork and put in a tremendous effort throughout the entire match. The players worked harmoniously, passing the ball with precision and supporting each other on and off the pitch.


The team exhibited great passion for the game. They showed immense determination and never gave up, even when faced with tough opponents, putting into practice all the skills they consistently strived to achieve in football club last year. Every player gave their all, chasing every ball and never hesitating to dive into tackles. Their energy was contagious, inspiring their teammates and motivating the entire crowd of onlookers.


The girls had their first match against Benhurst Primary having their first opportunity to play in a competitive setting as a team, the girls went out with confidence and showed such exceptional teamwork. The ball was passed around the pitch demonstrating well timed tackles and remarkable shots, the game finished with a 0-0 score giving the girls motivation to get a goal. The afternoon continued playing our 2nd game of the day against Crownfield Junior, the team did not back down resulting in a great finish 1-0 with Poppy scoring an incredible goal!


Following this was a game against Branfill Primary with a very close game throughout and Amelia making some incredible saves keeping the team in the game and resulting in a goalless draw. The day concluded by playing our last team St Edwards Primary. The girls pushed on and continued playing in their positions so well! Dolly and Blake stayed strong in defence and cleared the ball away several times allowing the girls to continue to thrive on the pitch, the game continued and finished with 0-0 result.


The Girls where unbeaten the whole day working incredibly well together, not only did the team demonstrate exceptional teamwork, but they also exhibited individual skills worthy of admiration.


Team - Poppy (Fiji), Blake (Fiji), Annabelle (Fiji), Poppy (Japan), Dolly (Fiji), Amelia (Japan), Lola (Fiji), Bella  (Australia), Leani (New Zealand) and Lana (Australia)


Player of the match - Poppy




Fabulous Footballing effort from Year 2


On Wednesday, our school took part in a Year 2 football tournament. The team played their hearts out at Noak Hill Sports Complex. The team worked well together, showing incredible teamwork and cooperation. They passed the ball swiftly, demonstrating their excellent communication skills. Throughout the matches, they demonstrated great passion for the game, never giving up even when the opposition was tough.

Our team worked hard throughout the entire tournament. The players showed determination and resilience, giving their all until the very last whistle. They made speedy runs down the field, displaying their agility and speed. The team performed excellently with Dylan the goalkeeper making some fantastic saves.

Despite the final score not being in our favor, our team demonstrated excellent sportsmanship, shaking hands with other players after every game and building confidence throughout the day ready to try again when future opportunities present. The team were incredibly well behaved and had other members of staff from different schools comment on how well behaved the team was throughout the day.

You have all made the school proud of how you all came together and performed so well as a team and we look forward to seeing you progress in the future!

Well done everyone!

Team Players: 
Eddie (USA), Silviu (Canada), Ellis (USA), Harlie (USA), Lottie (Canada), David (Mexico) and Dylan (USA)




Positive start to sporting fixtures!

Year 5 and 6 played their hearts out with they took part in a football competition at Drapers Academy. The team worked incredibly hard showing great team work and cooperation despite not having played together as a team previously. They passed the ball swiftly, demonstrating their excellent communication skills. Throughout, they demonstrated great passion for the game; never giving up even when the opposition was proving tough.
The team played 5 games against different local schools. The players showed determination and resilience, giving their all until the very last whistle. They made speedy runs down the field, displaying their agility and speed. The team's goalkeeper Harry made some mesmerising saves, showcasing his remarkable reflexes.
Miss Macdonald said “The team performed admirably and showed great passion throughout the day despite having not trained together as of yet they got stuck in without complaining showing some excellent skills on the pitch. Well done boys fantastic effort was great to see how well you all played.
Team Players: 
Harry (Australia), Tyler (Fiji), Bogdan (Fiji), Jake (Fiji), Omar (Australia), Tyler (Japan), Danilo (India) and Joshua (India)
Player of the competition - Tyler K
Tyler in Fiji was approached by scouts to play in a group game at the end of the day with children from other schools. This was a fantastic opportunity for him as an individual and the school. The team stood on the side line cheering Tyler on and was a great way to end the day. Great job Tyler.




Year 1 and 2 inspire at football! 


Clockhouse had a second chance this year to attend a Year 1 and 2 Football Festival at Noak Hill Sports Complex.
Our Year 1 team attended to build confidence and knowledge in football ready for their sporting years at Clockhouse. The Team played in 4 matches against some tough competition! As the matches went on throughout the day the children showed great progress and worked as a team managing to score some goals.This is a great achievement well done Year 1 !
Clockhouse’s Year 2 came ready to get on the pitch and play, they also played in 4 matches throughout the day.
Clockhouse had a very successful first match against Harrow Lodge with some brilliant goals finishing the match 4-0 to Clockhouse. Following this they played Mawney which was a close game game for the first part of the match, when the full time whistle went Clockhouse took the win 4-2 .
Next up Clockhouse had an extremely difficult match against St Patrick’s leaving the match 8-1 to St Patrick’s. The Team did not let the defeat get to them and were ready for the last game using excellent passing around the pitch. This led to the to successful scoring 6 goals and some excellent saves by our goalie meaning the match finished 6-2 to Clockhouse !
Miss Macdonald said “Wow both teams did an amazing job watching each other play. They made me very proud of how well all the children performed and progressed throughout the day! It was a highly successful day well done Clockhouse! 
Year 1 Team - Theo - France, Jack- France, Ruby - France, James - Spain, Rosie - Spain and Hector - Italy
Year 2 Team - Liam- Mexico, Blake - Mexico, Freya - Mexico, Beau- Mexico, Riley - USA, Olivia - Canada and Ronnie - Canada
Player’s of the Game -
Theo - Year 1
Liam - Year 2


Fantastic Football in Year 3 and 4


Clockhouse were delighted to take up the opportunity to play in a Year 3 and 4 girls football tournament on 8th February. The girls arrived ready to progress as a team and try their best!
Upon arrival, the team was filled with nerves. They were a new team but excited to play. The girls warmed up and took to the pitch to play 4 games.
In every 12 minute match, the girls got stuck in and tried their very best. They made clear progress throughout all matches, working super hard to mark their opponents, look for opportunities and work as a team!
Some amazing saves were made throughout the game and excellent passing was shown within the team!
At the end of the day, the hard decision had to be made for which of the girls would receive the player of the day certificate. With a lot thought, I awarded Poppy for her excellent determination throughout all games and for giving 100% effort and never giving up! Well done Poppy.
Team - Poppy - Uganda, Dena - Uganda, Azra - Uganda, Lois - South Africa, Lavinia - South Africa and Amelia - Uganda
Miss Macdonald said “As I stood watching the girls, who have never played as a team, work so well together. I was so proud of how far they progressed from match 1 to 4, with better outcomes in each match! Well done girls you have made me and the school really proud and set a great path for more girls in the school getting involved in football!”


Fabulous Football despite the conditions


On a very wet and windy Tuesday afternoon, the Year 5 and 6 boys and girls football teams attended Harold Lodge Primary School to play four league fixtures.
The boys got off to a flying start beating Squirrels Heath 1-0, Finn N scoring an excellent solo effort. This was followed with a hard earned 1-1 draw vs Pyrgo with Bogdan B finishing off a superb team move. As the weather became more difficult to play in, the boys fell to a 2-0 and a 3-0 defeats to Harold Court and Ardleigh Green. Never once did they let their heads drop and playing all 4 games in the spirit of the game.
The girls, many of whom were experiencing their first taste of competitive football, started with a fantastic 0-0 draw vs Squirrels Heath with Olivia W pulling off numerous saves in goal. Due to the difficult conditions and a lack of experience the girls suffered 2-0, 3-0 and 4-0 defeats to Pyrgo, Harold Court and Ardleigh Green. Just like the boys the girls never gave up and gave each game 100% with Cerys H and Lily B constantly encouraging their team mates to never give up!
Overall it was a great experience for both teams, and we look forward to our next lot of fixtures.
Finn, Charlie, Oakley, Harry, Teddie, Nathan, Henri, Bogdan, Jake, Tyler
Lily, Olivia, Cerys, Abigail, Bella, Kristina, Jessica Keziah, Annabelle, Lola, Leani



A brilliant start to our sporting calendar!


Our amazing Year 1 and 2 children represented our school in the Football Festival at Noak Hill Sports Centre. Both year groups played incredibly well and showed excellent sportsmanship and resilience.
Year 1 children played all of their matches and scored some fantastic goals! They showed great progress throughout all of the games.
Year 2 ended up winning their tournament and remained undefeated throughout! They worked well as a team and celebrated each others victories.
Players of the match:
Year 1 - Eddie S-P
Year 2 - Blake B
Year 1: Mille E, Elsie E, Jack J, Rosie, Naya, Eddie, Eesa, Arabella.
Year 2: Ronnie, Zion, Blake, Joey, Liam, Freya, Olivia.
Two of our amazing boys were also scouted for Chelsea FC. Well done Liam and Blake!!


Year 2's make it a perfect 2 from 2 with another football win!


Clockhouse's Year 2's travelled to Noak Hill for a 5-a-side mixed football festival. Confidence in the group was high after the previous success.
Clocks had a tricky game to kick off, playing Benhurst. Clockhouse took an early lead before Benhurst equalised. With 3 minutes left Clockhouse regained the lead and in the dying seconds managed to hold on as Benhurst scored after the whistle. Full time saw Clockhouse take a 2-1.
Next up Clockhouse played Harold Court. The team played some attractive football to open up the Harold Court side on numerous occasions, running out 5-0 winners.
The penultimate game was against Elm Park. The flair and passing from the Clockhouse team allowed for another goalfest. This time Clockhouse won 4-0.
The last game to guarantee victory was against Drapers Brookside. A closer contest but some great ball contol when dribbling allowed for two Clockhouse goals and a 2-0 victory to remain undefeated!
Mr Yarrow said after the festival 'This is an exciting footballing year group with a lot of potential. To be this successful at 2 festivals is really impressive. We have made some changes from the last successful squad and have been just as successful this highlights the talent in this year group. 
Thanks to the parents who helped with transport.'
SQUAD: Harry N, George F, Elliot R, Reean B, Jack B, Caleb R and Tainara C
SCORERS: George F x 7, Reean B x 3, Elliot R x 3 and Jack B


High Standards at Round 2 of the Girls Football League

Last week Clockhouse travelled to the 2nd round of the Havering Football league after finishing runners up in the initial League. Clockhouse were without captain Macey J who was certainly missed on the pitch.
That being said the Clockhouse team grew into the league games as the day progressed.
Firstly, Clockhouse played Mead. The game looked destined to end goalless until a misunderstanding in the Clockhouse defence gifted Mead a goal.
Game 2 found Clockhouse up against hosts Harrow Lodge. Two strong runs from midfield into the Clockhouse penalty area resulted in two goals without reply. Harrow Lodge picking up a 2-0 win.
In the third round of games Clockhouse played Hacton. The team were playing some better football but got caught on the counter attack and Hacton scored the decisive goal.
In the penultimate game Clockhouse met a strong Parsonage Farm side who looked to play some good football from the back. Two goals from outside the area that goalkeeper Ellie W had no chance of saving ended up being the difference between the teams.
Last but not least Clockhouse played local rivals Parklands. The never give up attitude of the squad was clear for all to see. Birthday girl Cerys H scored a half volley from.outside the area for Clockhouse's first goal of the day. Olivia W hit the bar from close range but made up for the miss from the penalty spot to guarantee a Clockhouse win 2-0.
After the League was finished Mr Yarrow had the following comments 'We knew today was going to be a challenge! There are some good footballing schools here today. But what you can't fault is the attitude of the girls who represented the school today. They knew the challenge in front of them and they learnt more game by game before finally gettung a result in the last game against Parklands. This is a good life lesaon, you can't win every game but you can learn and have fun.
Thanks to all the parents that helped with transport!'
SQUAD: Emily P (c), Ellie W, Pheobe L, Olivia W, Cerys H,  Isabelle H, Bella C, Kristina P, Liyanna S and Teagan S.
SCORERS Cerys H and Olivia W


Boys show tenacity to kick on in Havering Football League


Clockhouse were back in football action as the boys football team went to the next stage of the Havering Football League. Clockhouse qualified for this stage following an impressive first outing in their initial league.
Clockhouse kicked off with a late cruel deflected goal defeat to local rivals Parklands. 
A 1-0 loss did not stop the boys trying to express themselves in the next game against RJ Mitchell. Finn N scored an early solo goal and in cruel circumstances a late RJ Mitchell goal meant the spoils were shared 1-1.
A little frustration was starting to build as Clocks desperately seaked their first win. Despite some good football Clockhouse's next game against Gidea Park ended goalless. Alex C narrowly missing out on giving Clockhouse the win.
A tenacious Clockhouse team stuck together and in the next game against James Oglethorpe found the next twice. Chima I opened the scoring before a late Oakley M goal sealed a 2-0 victory.
This victory seemed to inspire the boys to push on. Issac T scoring the goal to earn Clocks their 2nd victory against Drapers. 1-0.
The final game saw an end to end contest against Crowlands, but this was one to praise both goalkeeper's. Both keeper's managed a number of saves and two schools who played attacking football finished goalless 0-0.
After the final league game Mr Yarrow said 'The boys played with real Clockhouse spirit today! A frustrating start didn't dampen their spirits. We played some great football in spells. Credit to Lewis who only conceded 2 goals throughout the day.
We are still waiting for the final league standings to see if we qualify to go further in the Havering Football League. It will be close.
Thanks to all the parents / carers who supported with transportation and to Mr Martin for his coaching expertise.'
SQUAD: Lewis C (c), Alex C, George G, Chima I, Finn N, Oakley M, Issac T, Patrick S, Harry M and Teddie M.



Year 4 Girls kick start Key Stage 2 competition!


A group of girls from Year 4 represented the school at the Havering Football Festival.
The fun and excitement the girls produced was amazing to see! The girls had six games to play in a league style format.
Clockhouse got off to the perfect start against Gidea Park College. Some fantastic dribbling resulted in a 2-0 win for Clockhouse. Goals from Katie A and Amaya K.
Next up was St Patrick's. Connie S scored quickly to give Clockhouse the lead but St Pat's got an equaliser late on despite the fantastic efforts from goalkeeper Emily S who was amazing throughout the tournament. Final score 1-1.
Our third match was against St Joseph's. In an end to game, Clockhouse dug deep & a long distance free kick from Amaya K earned Clocks a 2-1 victory after Leani F gave Clockhouse the lead.
Clockhouse faced a strong Mead side next. The game looked destined to end goalless thanks to some tough defending from Blake J but sadly Mead scored in the final thirty seconds with an unsaveable long distance strike. Clocks getting our first defeat 1-0.
The penultimate game was against Harold Wood. Leani F and Scarlett S came close to scoring for Clockhouse but sadly the experienced Harold Wood club players got the better of Clockhouse in the end winning 1-0.
The final game was against Gidea Park. Clockhouse showed their determination to finish in fantastic style winning 4-0. A Lola S-E hattrick and a final goal from the tenacious Poppy W left the Clockhouse girls finishing 3rd overall with massive smiles on their faces and some tired bodies.
After the tournament Mr Yarrow had the following comments "How great were the girls today.... These girls have never played together before and have had minimal practice due to the restrictions in place. To come out and finish 3rd is a huge achievement. I am truly proud of them. There is some great sporting tallent on show which means the future of sport is in great hands!
Thank you to parents who supported the event and Mrs Drake for her hard work.'
SQUAD: Emily S, Blake J, Lola S-E, Scarlett S, Poppy W, Leani F, Connie S, Amaya K and Katie A.
SCORERS: Lola S-E x3, Amaya K xw, Katie A, Leani F, Connie S, and Poppy W



Sport is back in victorious style!


After missing over a year of competitive sport and exercise Clockhouse Primary School had our first opportunity to go out and enjoy inter-school competition when children from Year 2 travelled to Noak Hill Sports Complex for a football tournament!
There was excitement and energy all around from children, parents and staff.
If the enjoyment of being out playing sport again was not enough, the children were fantastic throughout the day, winning every game they played without conceeding a single goal.
First opponents were Harrow Lodge and a quick start from George F resulted in Clockhouse being in the lead inside 30 seconds of play. Caleb R doubled the lead scoring directly from a corner. Clocks went on to score twice more winning 4-0.
Next up was St Patricks. A tough game and another clean sheet thanks to the defensive efforts of Frankie S and Harry T. Olly L was a very happy goalkeeper! Clocks won 2-0.
Our third opponent was Gidea Park College. A performance similar to the game before with Elliott R's hard work being rewarded with goals and a change in goal as Harry N also kept a cleansheet. Clockhouse winning 2-0.
Our penultimate game was against a good Benhurst side. But the link up play between George F and Caleb R to set up Elliott R was clearly working as he got on the scoresheet again. Frankie S adding the final goal from the penalty spot with a well placed finish! Clockhouse continued the winning running 3-0.
In the final game Clockhouse met Elm Park. A lovely passing move was finished by Jack B who was in a great position following a cross. Clockhouse 1 vs 0 Elm Park.
Mr Yarrow commented on the day saying 'I feel a little overwhelmed! These children have missed so much sport due to Covid, so to come out and win every game at the festival without conceding a single goal just goes to highlight how hard these children have worked. I speak for the whole school when I say we are very proud of them!!!!
I would like to thank Mrs Booth for her support, the parents for their support especially with transport, and to Havering Sports Collective who did all they could to make the event safe so children from across the Borough could come and enjoy sport again. The cheers and smiles on all the children's faces at the end makes it all worthwhile!
The Clockhouse team were phenomenal throughout the day! It is exciting to think that the future sporting success of the school is in safe hands! What a start!!! Well done everyone!'
SQUAD: Olly L, Harry N, Frankie S, George F, Caleb R, Elliott R, Jack B and Harry T.
SCORERS: George x4, Caleb x3, Elliott x3, Frankie, Jack and 1 OG.



Key Stage 1 kick off their Clockhouse footballing journey!


The children from Key Stage 1 had the opportunity to represent the school for the first time at an inter school football festival.
Despite a lack of expereince the children played with a smile on their faces for the whole day and the experience they gained was invaluable.
The Clockhouse results on the day included wins against Langtons and James Oglethorpe. But also included defeats to Harold Wood, Scotts, Towers and St Peters.
On the day goals come from Jake W, Alfie T and Bogdan B.
Jake W had the extra accolade of being scouted by Chelsea.
Mr Yarrow said "Throughout the festival the children representing the school have been fantastic ambassadors to the school. The children were humble in victory and gracious in defeat. This is refreshing to see at a young age.
I personally love when we get the opportunity to participate in sport against other schools in the younger age categories. It has the right blend of competiton and fun!
Thank you to all the parents and family members that transported and supported the children, having you there made a huge difference. I hope you are as proud of the children as I am!
The future of sport at Clockhouse is clearly in safe hands with stars like these coming through."
SQUAD: Amaya K, Oscar M, Archie D, Bogdan B, Jake W and Alfie T



Future starts shine bright despite the conditons!


A team made up of children from years 3 and 4 travelled to neighbours Oasis Pinewoods this evening for a football match.


Despite the damp cold weather all the children involved on both side were having fun and playing a good standard of football.


A first half where a lot of football was played in the middle of the pitch had limited chances, Chima I and Teddie M going closest to opening the scoring for Clockhouse.


Despite the goalless scoreline at half team both sides looked lively. It was early in the 2nd half that an interception from George G resulted in space for Chima I to dribble into before powering home from the edge of the penalty area to score for Clockhouse.


A goal line scramble at either end didn't have an effect of the score so with approximately ten minutes left it was down to Harry M to double the Clockhouse lead.


The game finished 2-0 and lots of year 3 and 4 children might have been covered in mud but they were also happy with a fun game of football.


Mr Yarrow said "Thanks to our hosts Pinewoods. Despite the atrocious conditions we gave an opportunity to some children to represent their schools and enjoy a fun kick about.


It is important that we invest time now into these young atheletes as they will become the future stars of the school.


It was great to look over to a side line full of supportive parents who braved the weather, thank you for your support.


I hope the team enjoyed the opportunity and hopefully we get to give further opportunities to these and other children at the school.


Proud of them all today, well done!"


FULL TIME: Oasis Pinewoods 0 vs 2 Clockhouse


SCORERS: Chima I and Harry M


SQUAD: Lewis C, Harry S, Issac T, Alex C, Oakley M, George G, Ellas, Finn N, Chima I, Harry M, Teddie M and Freddie R.




Girls have fun at Havering football Tournament


The Clockhouse girls football team took part in the Havering football tournament at Noak Hill Sports Complex.
The girls were part of a 7 team group with some strong sides to compete against.
In the first game Clockhouse looked to settle into the short game format and left it late to beat Crowlands. Mia C scoring with practically the last kick of the game. (W 1-0).
Next up Clockhouse met Brady. Clocks worked hard and were rewarded with a goal from Kayleigh S.  Depite Clockhouse pressure a brief distraction caught out the Clockhouse defence and Brady got the equaliser (D 1-1).
Clockhouse faced Mead next. Clockhouse dominated territory and possession but only managed to get the ball in the net once through captain Kayleigh S. (W 1-0).
In the fourth game Clocks faced a really strong Branfil side. Despite fantastic efforts from Rida S amongst others two late goals gave Branfil victory. (L 0-2).
Ardleigh Green were Clocks opposition in the penultimate game. Another strong side with both teams having opportunities. Mia C was on the scoreboard for Clocks but sadly some smart passing from Ardleigh Green resulted in a loss. (L 1-3).
Clockhouse finished with a bang showing the potential within the side. Two goals from Mia C one of which straight from a corner that she was particularly proud of were only overshadowed by the two penalty saves from Amelia B who grows in confidence as a goalkeeper every time she plays. (W 2-0).
After the tournamnet Mr Yarrow said 'Everytime I looked at one of our players today they were smiling and enjoying themselves what more can you ask?
The girls played some lovely football in parts. When we are switched on and awake we look capable of beating anybody. As always they have represented the school impeccably!
Thank you to Mr McGlinchey who as always was amazing with the team! And to all the parents that transported and supported the girls.'
SQUAD: Amelia B, Rida S, Gracie R, Miley B, Kayleigh S (c), Lilian S, Mia C, Frankie R, Miley B, and Chloe P.



Girls kick on to keep the 2020 sporting success rolling!


In preparation for Thursday's Havering Borough Girls Football Competition Clockhouse and Oasis Pinewoods met for a friendly.


The contest started very evenly with both sides trying things with the ball. Clockhouse broke the deadlock when Mia C threaded the ball through to captain Kayleigh S who placed the ball past the hard working Pinewoods keeper. A second goal followed shortly after when Kayleigh S turned provider for Mia C with a long throw that caused problems all day.


As the first half continued Oasis Pinewoods pushed on to try and get on the scoresheet. Rida S and Gracie R provided a timely interception with Amelia B also playing a big part between the sticks.


Pinewoods were rewarded for their pressure when they converted a penalty.


Captain Kayleigh S had some determination about her and managed to complete her hatrick using a mix of power and pace to give Clocks a half time lead 4-1.


Both teams rotated players and the contest remained competitive Pinewoods had a never give up attitude and again were unlucky not to score more.


Clockhouse pushed on in the second half Grace B, Miley B, Lilian S and another for Kayleigh S adding to the scoreboard. With the game finishing 8-1.


After the game Mr Yarrow said 'Despite the scoreline it was great to see two schools enjoying sport and playing until the final whistle. This was great preparation for both schools with Thursday in mind!


Credit to Mr Sheldrick who has raised the profile of sport so much at Oasis Pinewoods! 


Tonight Clockhouse took their opportunities, the long throw was a big weapon in our attack and the team worked hard off the ball with some timely tackles and clearances! Once again the children have done the school proud!!!


Thank you to Mr Koten for supporting the team tonight along with all the parents who transported and supported from the sideline.


I am excited to see how far this group can go in the Havering Tournament on Thursday.'


FULL TIME: Oasis Pinewoods 1 vs 8 Clockhouse 


SQUAD: Amelia B, Rida S, Gracie R, Miley B, Kayleigh S (c), Lilian S, Mia C, Grace B and Frankie R.


SCORERS: Mia C, Kayleigh S x 4, Grace B, Miley B and Lilian S.





Year 2 perfect from the spot to be crowned champions of memorial football tournament!


Earlier in the week, Clockhouse took the short journey to Crownfield Infant School to take part in the Alex Field Memorial Tournament.


A great day, for a great cause that has got bigger and bigger each year. Clockhouse started the 5-a-side tournament with a 0-0 game against Parklands. This was frustratingly followed by another scoreless game against Rise Park. Defensively Clocks looked solid but a lack of shots equalled a lack of goals.


A change of strategy for the next game saw Clockhouse explode into action. A 2-0 win thanks to goals from Nathan B and Finn N helped Clockhouse glide past Scotts.


The goals were now free flowing. Clockhouse beating St Patricks 3-0 thanks to Nathan B's 2nd goal of the day and a double from Ellas R. A very strong performance as the scoreline showed.


Clockhouse next faced a strong St Joseph's side. The game went back and forth with both sides testing two equally good goalkeepers and somehow a frantic game finished 0-0.


A Teddy M strike ensured Clockhouse got the points in the next game against Langtons. His goal combined with yet another clean sheet for Harry S was enough for Clocks.


Last game before the knockout stages finished with no score against hosts Crownfield. The reactions of the Crownfield keeper keeping Clockhouse from taking another victory.


It was now semi-final time and again Clockhouse faced Crownfield. For the first time in the tournament Clockhouse conceded. But the belief and determination from the Year 2 boys was clear to see and they were rewarded when Teddy M equalised to take the game to penalties. Clockhouse were perfect from the spot Finn N, Ellas R, Teddy M and Nathan M all scoring. Harry S making the vital save to send Clockhouse into the final 4-3.


Clockhouse faced their toughest test meeting St Joseph's in the final. In a copy of the group game both sides had a chance to win the game but neither team could get the ball in the net so the final was also to be decided on penalties. Harry S made 2 big saves while Finn N and Teddy M made their spot kicks count and Clockhouse were officially winners of the Alex Field Memorial Tournament.


Mr Yarrow commented on the achievement saying 'CCCHHHAAAMMMPPPIIOOONNNS!!!!!!


What a great performance form the boys, I couldn't be prouder of the work rate and belief these boys have. The smiles on their faces will not be forgotten anytime soon!


We must take a minute to remember the young lad Alex Field from Crownfield. His legacy has provided opportunities for many years for year 2 pupils to enjoy football for an amazing cause. Thank you to his family for turning up to present the trophy / medals.


Thank you to our parents for their support.


The team conceded just one goal in normal time this is a massive achievement and to win the tournament was one of the biggest sporting achievements this academic year.


Well done boys!!!!!


What I thought was particularly deserving of a mention is the current year 4 boys won this competition 2 years ago. Once I returned to school and some of them see the trophy they were full of praise and compliments for the current year 2 team who brought the trophy back to Clockhouse. It is great seeing camaraderie through sport throughout the school. Sportsmanship is something I feel strongly about and gestures like this clearly shows the future of sport at Clockhouse is in safe hands!!!


Once again congratulations to the team!'


SQUAD: Harry S, Frankie S, Ellas R (c), Finn N, Teddy M andNathan B.


















Girls unlucky not to progress further at memorial tournament 


Clockhouse were proud to have attended the Linda Galloway Memorial Tournament last Saturday. The tournament held annually promotoes girls football in Havering whilst remembering Linda Galloway.
Sadly Clockhouse were drawn into the 'group of death' with no easy fixtures. Firstly Clocks met St Marys. A tricky game with both teams showing attacking threats but the defence prevailed and the game finished goalless.
Clockhouse next met Upminster who seemed to have settled in. Despite tenacious performances from the Clockhouse girls, Upminster came away with a 1-0 victory.
In a now must win game Clockhouse met Elm Park. The girls showed their class and potential, making a statement with a 4-0 win. Goals coming from Lily S-E x 2, Mia C and Ruby L.
The last group game was another tight encounter this time agaist last years champions St Peters. Clockhouse took some time bresking down a spirited St Peters but eventually Mia C broke the deadlock and gave Clockhouse the 1-0 win.
With the group being so tight Clockhouse had to wait on other results and unfortunately did not progress to the knock out stages.
After the tournamnet Mr Koten said 'The girls have made so much progress since I last see them play.
It was a pleasure to watch!
Credit to the girls, their parents and the coach for giving up their weekend for this great cause.
Clockhouse were so close to progressing but this just shows the standard of girls football in the borough.
As always the girls have done the school proud!'
SQUAD: Brooke A, Holly W (c), Kayleigh S, Ruby L, Lily S-E,  Leah L and Mia C






Double Cup Heartbreak for dedicated girl footballers.


Last week the girls football team had a busy week of cup fixtures.


Clockhouse hosted Upminster Junior School in the Borough Cup quarter-final. Clockhouse played down hill and an edgy encounter remained goalless at half time. Just after the break the contest exploded into life, Upminster scored a goal to take the lead and quickly followed up with a well worked second goal. Clockhouse looked fatigued, but with typical Clockhouse spirit Clocks got back into the contest, Mia C with the goal. Clockhouse threw everything into the last 10 minutes but just could not find the goal to level the contest.


Clockhouse were back in action this time in the semi-final of the Havering League Cup. This time Clockhouse hosted St. Joseph's. Clockhouse took the lead in less than 2 minutes with Mia C finding the net. St. Joe's hit straight back to level the contest. This seemed a common theme throughout the match. An end to end battle, with both teams having spells of dominance. Just after half time St Joseph's took the lead and in a reversal of the first half Mia C scored her 2nd goal of the day to tie the score.


The game looked destined for extra time but with three minutes remaining St Joseph's broke away to score the winner and knock Clockhouse out of the cup.


Mr Yarrow said 'It's been a heartbreaking week. Two fantastic games both could of gone either way. What really impressed me was the children's never give up attitudes. Those girls looked out on their feet but didn't give up until the final whistle. 


I'd like to reflect on the success of this campaign rather than the unfortunate cup exits. The children got to the later stages of the big competitions in Havering. They should be as proud as I am! I'd like to wish Upminster & St Joseph's the besgt of luck in the next stages.


Thank you to Mr McGlinchey who always leads the girls in great style and to Mr Martin and former pupil Gracie H for refereeing the games.


The support from the sideline was amazing, I hope you were all as impressed by the girls effort as I was.'



Clockhouse 1 vs 2 Upminster 

Clockhouse 2 vs 3 St Joseph's 



Brooke A, Kayleigh S, Andreja R, Holly W (c), Lilly S-E, Leah L, Mia C, Ruby L and Ruby N.



Vs Upminster - Holly W

Vs St Joseph's - Lily S-E 


Fantastic Football for Future Stars!


The disappointing weather was not going to stop the Year 2 children having a great day representing the school in a football tournament at Play Football.

The children had six games, showing so much potential,  growing as a team as the day went on.
The Clockhouse results were:
Benhurst won 1-0
Gidea Park College won 3-0
Harold Wood won 9-1
Langtons won 5-0
St Joseph's lost 3-1
St Patricks won 4-0
As a result of these amazing results Clockhouse were level on points at the top of the group and only on goals for did they miss out on winning the competition by 2 goals.
Mr Yarrow said 'Today we were unlucky not to win the whole tournament. The organisers told me that if it went to goal difference instead of goals scored we would of won the whole festival. But today was about so much more that the result, it was great to have Year 2 children out of class representing the school at sport. It shows how bright the future of sport is at the school! The children enjoyed every moment of the day and hopefully we made some lifelong memories. Well done to everyone involved, as always I am proud of you all!'
SQUAD: Harry S, Bella C, Teddie M, Finn N and Ellas R
SCORERS: Ellas R x 6, Finn N x 10 and Teddie M x 7
PLAYER OF THE DAY: Harry S - for stepping up and playing in goal. Some fantastic saves throughout the competition!


Agonising cup exit for spirited Clockhouse side!


Clockhouse boys football team hosted La Salette in the Havering Cup quarter-final last week.
Despite an early goal for the visitors you would not know that Clockhouse suffered defeat in the league tournament earlier this year, as Clockhouse played very clever football creating chances and closing down the opposition at every opportunity.
Clockhouse were rewarded midway through the first half when some fantastic defensive work from Hayden M and Jake L got the ball forward for John O to deliver a cross for Max N to stick in the net.
Shortly before half time and with pressure building on the visitors Morgan N threaded a through ball to Micah R who shot with power to beat the La Salette keeper and give Clocks the lead at half time.
In an attempt to earn the victory Clockhouse changed formation, playing very defensively. Again Jake L, Hayden M Luke B and Charlie B worked tirelessly at the back to keep La Salette without a goal in the second half. Keeper Lewis W was throwing himself around everywhere determined not to be beaten!
With time running out it looked as though Clockhouse had soaked up everything La Salette had to offer. Sadly with 4 minutes to play La Salette got the goal they were lookong for to level the score. The visitors seemed to have grown in confidence and with just one minute left La Salette scrambled to take the lead. Clockhouse had a minute to play and through caution to the wind going all out attack to try and create a chsnce to take the game to extra time. Unfortunately the strong La Salette side hit once more on the counter attack to finish the game 4-2 winners. Knocking Clockhouse out the Havering Cup at the quarter-final stage.
Mr Koten said 'We could not of asked more of these boys tonight. They left everything on the pitch and deserved extra time if not more. Lewis W had a fantastic game between the sticks. Maybe we went defensive too early but the boys made every effort to sticknto the game plan. Unlucky boys!'
Mr Yarrow added 'I think the scoreline flattered our guests today the boys were tactically fantastic and deserved at least extra time if not the win. You wouldn't believe La Salette beat us comfortably earlier this year the squad worjed so hard off the ball. Thank you to Mark at Collier Row FC for refereeing and to all who came to support the team. I am very proud of the dedication the boys showed today!'
FINAL SCORE: Clockhouse 2 vs 4 La Salette 
SQUAD: Lewis W, Hayden M, Jake L, Max N (c), Charlie B, John O, Morgan N, Luke B and Micah R.
SCORERS: Max N and Micah R


Girls kick past sporting rivals to reach cup semi-final!


This week Clockhouse made the long trip to the other side of the borough to take on sporting rivals Parsonage Farm in the League Cup 1/4 final.

A cagey start as both teams tried to test the other. Clockhouse edging the early exchanges. The opening goal for Clockhouse came from a well worked goal kick, Kayleigh S finding Lily S-E out wide who played a lovely through ball to Ruby N who burried the ball in the back of the net.
After the goal Parsonage Farm tried to come back at Clockhouse trying to play the long ball game but credit to the tenacious Clocks defence Kayleigh S and Andreja R stopping the ball reaching the Parsonage Farm striker. Clockhouse took a one nil lead into half time.
Leah L was introduced at half time and added to the defensive effort pressing high up the field to put pressure on the Parsonage midfield. Clockhouse knew the game was still anyones and as the game progressed Mia C grew more and more influential managing to double Clockhouse's lead with a pinpoint header following a long throw.
As Parsonage Farm pushed on to get back into the game Clockhouse again stayed strong at the back and put the cup contest past their opponents with Mia C grabbing her second goal on the counter attack.
After the final whistle Mr Yarrow ssid 'Parsonage Farm are a great sporting school with brilliant facilities, it is always a healthy sporting contest whenever we meet in any competition. Today they never gave up!
The girls were solid today, defensively they stayed composed and dealt with everything thrown at them. I really liked the link up play in attack! The girls have made the semi-final and I'm personally excited to see how much further we can go in the league cup.
Credit must go to Mr McGlinchey, these girls are still in the quarter-final of the Borough Cup and now the semi-final of the league cup. Lots more football for these wonderful athletes.
Thanks as always to parents for helping with transport.'
FINAL SCORE: Parsonage Farm 0-3 Clockhouse
SQUAD: Brooke A, Kayleigh S, Andreja R, Holly W (c), Lily S-E, Mia C, Ruby N and Leah L
SCORERS: Ruby N and Mia C x 2


West Ham next up for unbeatable Clockhouse Girls!


On one of the coldest days of the year Clockhouse girls football team went to Woodlands School, Basildon to take part in the Premier League Stars Football Competition area finals.
Clockhouse turned up and despite a little slow start whilst adjusting to the conditions got their first win of the tournament beating St Michael's 2-0. Goals from Mia C and Lily S-E.
Next up Clockhouse met an impressive St Helen's team, but Clocks looked after the ball well and when the opportunity presented itself Ruby N set up Lily S-E for the only goal in a 1-0 victory.
Clockhouse rotated the team to ensure all players were getting a good amount of game time and keeping warm. Despite changes the team looked practically unfazed and got yet another 2-0 win beating Arthur Buglar. Goals from Leah L and Mia C.
Clockhouse had played very well throughout the tournament and needed just a draw to guarantee victory, but the girls were in form and played against a strong Lee Chapel team who needed the win to qualify for the next stages of the tournament. Clockhouse absorbed anything Lee Chapel had to offer and then opened up the game on the counter attack with some fantastic triangular passing. Ruby N being at the right end of the link up play to score a brace and give Clocks the 2-0 victory.
As a result of winning Clockhouse travel next Friday to West Ham for the regional finals of the Premier League Stars Tournament.
Mr Yarrow said 'You wouldn't believe it was minus two today the girls were on fire! Brooke A kept a clean sheet in every game and the outfield players really outclassed their opposition. The link up play of the front three was especially exciting to watch.
I like tournaments like these, where you get to see how the school compare to others outside the borough. The girls looked the part and most certainly played the part!
Next Friday the girls travel to West Ham training ground and if succesful will get the opportunity to represent West Ham in Wolverhampton at the national finals. If the girls play like they did today anything is possible.
The girls won the Havering League last week and the regional Premier League Stars Tournament today they are in fantastic form and are a pleasure to watch! I am genuinely excited for the borough tournament Thursday and the Premier League Stars Tournament regional finals Friday. Keep up the great work girls!
Thank you to parents who transported children to Basildon today and a huge thank you to Mr Mcglinchey for the way he gets the best out of the girls.'
SQUAD: Brooke A, Kayleigh S, Holly W (c), Lily S-E, Mia C, Ruby N, Leah L and Andreja R.
SCORERS: Mia C x2, Lily S-E x2, Leah L andRuby Nx2.


Boys kick into quarter finals!


Last week the boys football team kicked off the 2019 sporting calendar with a cup game at home to Gidea Park.


Both teams took a bit of time finding their feet after the Christmas break and it was Gidea Park who opened the scoring finding space behind the Clockhouse defence. Clockhouse fought hard to get back in the game, a John O cross was turned in from the head of Max N. Gidea Park did not lay down and come back fighting. Some high pressure from Gidea Park forced a distribution error from Clockhouse and again Gidea Park has the lead. This time John O hit straight back for the home side showing the Gidea Park defence a clean set of heels to latch on to Micah R's through ball.


Gidea Park wanted the lead once more but this time some fearless defending from Charlie B and Jake L kept the cup tie even. With less than 10 to play Clockhouse linked well in the attacking half as they had done day giving Morgan N the opportunity to set up Max N for a dramatic winning goal.


After the game Mr Yarrow said 'It's great to reach the quarter finals of the competition again. We linked up very well in attack but Gidea Park gave us our hardest game of the campaign so far and were unlucky not to progress.


It looks like Upminster Juniors or La Salette next up. Two very tricky opponents. Thanks to the parents and staff for coming to support the team it really makes a difference. Also a huge thank you to Mark and Collier Row FC for making the pitch look so nice despite the weather and for picking up the whistle!'


Mr Koten added 'I really am excited about the next game. The team have a never say die attitude and play until the final whistle. Today that was really important when getting the victory. Well done to all the boys selected. Thank you to Mr Martin for his support. Well done boys!'


FINAL SCORE: Clockhouse 3 vs 2 Gidea Park


SQUAD: Lewis W, Hayden M, Luke B, Micah R (c), Charlie B, Max N, John O, Morgan N and Jake L.


SCORERS: Max N x2 and John O




Clockhouse Kick on in Borough Cup!


Clockhouse made the long journey to the otherside of the borough last night to start their Borough Cup campaign at Rianham Village School.


Clockhouse started the game brightly, dominating possesion. Reactions to the loose ball the only thing keeping Rainham Village in the game.


Ironically the dead ball situations were being maximised. Clockhouse scoring four goals from set pieces. The first a John O header from a corner the next from another corner, a Hayden M volley after pealing off the defender towards the back post. Clockhouse managed to grab two further goals before half time from the penalty spot. Max N keeping up his very impressive goal to game ratio and Billy R also beating the keeper from the spot.


Rainham battled hard but the passing and movement of the Clockhouse sode was the difference between the sides. Some slick one touch play from Morgan N after a long pass from Luke B set up Max N for his second.


Rainham Village tried to move forward with the ball but captain Micah R, Charlie B and John O applied pressure defensively from midfield to crush any attacks from the home side. The game was summed up with one of the final attacks as Micah R (who was unlucky not to get on the scoresheet) went through on the keeper and unselfishly assisted Max N for the final goal completing the midfielders hat-trick.


Clockhouse will host either Dame Tipping or Gidea Park in the next round.


Mr Yarrow looked back on the game saying 'The boys really upped their game tonight. Don't get me wrong they have had some brilliant results but this game they looked hungry to win the ball back and really flowed with some smooth crisp passing in attack. It was great to see the team cohesion. Goals coming from everywhere across the pitch, defenders up to strikers. Micah R is leading the side well his workrate tonight was exceptional. Really leading by example! I am excited to see how far we can go in this competition.'


Mr Koten added 'I am just so happy with how the boys are playing. Another clean sheet and the boys really seemed up for the game. I'm super excited for the next round. Thank you to everyone who came along.'


FINAL SCORE: Rainham Village 0 vs 6 Clockhouse


SQUAD: Lewis W, Hayden M, Luke B, Max N, Charlie B, Micah R (c), John O, Morgan N and Billy R


SCORERS: Max N x 3, John O, Hayden M and Billy R




Bright future for Clockhouse's football stars!


On Friday afternoon Clockhouse selected a squad for a Year 3 and 4 football match against St Marys.

The team who won a tournament when in Year 2 looked excited to be playing together again!
The early exchanges were spent with both sides getting a feel for the contest. St Marys settled the quicker of the two sides scoring twice in the openning half. Clockhouse showed spells of their potential but were a little guilty of doing too much on the ball and leaving too much to do at the back. That being said Clockhouse were unlucky not to score themselves, Dillan C and Harry H both with chances.
As the second half started Clockhouse slightly changed their style of play and began to pass the ball around a lot more. It did not take long for Clocks to get a goal. Harry T burying the ball the back of the net following some good build up play from Zak F, Harrison D and Dillan C. Clockhouse were dominating possesion and territory in the second half. Following some sloppy defending from St Marys, Dillan C scored a good individual goal to tie the scores.
The game finished in end to end style. Clocks pushing on for the win and St Marys looking to counter attack. Harry T was unlucky not to win the contest when a ferocious shot was pushed wide by a fantastic save! Equally St Marys could of snatched it if it wasn't for the solid defence of Zak F, Alex C and Jesse O.
Mr Yarrow reflected on the match saying 'I think a draw was a fair result. Both teams had opportunities to win the match but a draw reflected both schools performances. The standard I thought was very high. There are some very bright stars in the making. I must say it was great to have two first time goalkeepers tonight in Max C & Mason R making such positive performances but then I could praise every child tonight for their attitude & performance. I hope they keep up the good work!'
FINAL SCORE: Clockhouse 2 vs 2 St Marys
SQUAD: Max C, Zak F, Alex C, Harry T (c), Dillan C, Harry H, Harrison D, Mason E and Jesse O.


Clockhouse Advance in Borough Cup!


Clockhouse girls football team kicked off their cup campaign tonight in emphatic style.

Crowlands Primary School were the visitors to Clockhouse Lane. The game started in very scrappy style. Clockhouse possibly guilty of trying too much while Crowlands still looked to find their feet.
The games openning goal came following a long powerful run from defender Kayleigh S who managed to burst into the Crowlands box and assit Lily S-E.
The first half remained a tricky contest despite Clockhouse finding the net twice more through Ruby N and Mia C.
Crowlands grew in confidence as the half wore on. Brooke A denying the Crowlands players from getting on the scoreboard amd Mia C unlucky not to add to her goal tally.
Clockhouse pushed on and put the contest out of the reach with an explosive start to the second half. Kayleigh S continuing with her runs from the back while Ruby N was a thorn in Crowlands side. Clocks put 3 more scores on the board. One of whom was Leah L scoring on debut.
Crowlands looked to attack further but as they pushed up a long ball from Andreja R put Mia C and Ruby N through for a two on one. Mia C unselfishly put Ruby N through on goal to complete a very well deserved hat-trick.
After the game Mr Yarrow said 'another great performance from our amazing girls team! The team linked up very nicely!
This is another big positive for girls football, Clockhouse advancing to the next round of the Borough Cup while Crowlands become better and bettwr as the game went on. I am sure they could get a positive result next time out!
Thanks as always to Mr McGlinchey who led the girls in true Clockhouse style and to our young referee Daisy.
The girls played fantastically tonight and the support from everyone on the sideline was amazing! Thanks for the support and well done girls!'
FINAL SCORE: Clockhouse 7 vs 0 Crowlands
SQUAD: Brooke A, Andreja R, Kayleigh S, Lily S-E, Holly W (c), Ruby L, Holly W, Leah L, Ruby N, and Mia C
SCORERS: Lily S-E, Ruby N x 3, Leah L, Mia C and Holly W.


Boys footballers give 10/10 performance!


Clockhouse boys football team welcomed Mawney Primary School for their first home game of the campaign.
Clockhouse started the game in ferocious style scoring in under a minute - Morgan N with the opener. This set the trend for the afternoon as Clockhouse dominated possesion and territory throughout the contest.
Credit to Mawney who didn't give up until the final whistle and played the game in the right spirits.
After the game Mr Yarrow said 'The boys were ruthless tonight! Well done to all the boys who played out of position to make the game a contest.
Thank you also to former pupil Niamh S for refereeing.'
Mr Koten said 'The lads are still undefeated and we mixed the team up again to see some more players. I am excited about our next game in the cup!'
FINAL SCORE: Clockhouse 10 vs 0 Mawney
SQUAD: Lewis W, Finlay O, Hayden M, Luke B, John O, Charlie B, Micah R (c), Morgan N, Callum G and Billy R.
SCORERS: Morgan N x2, John O x3, Charlie B x2, Micah R, & Callum G x2


Girls match boys with big win first time out!


Clockhouse got to host our first sports fixture of the season when local neightbours Oasis Pinewoods made the trip up Clockhouse Lane.

Both teams seemed nervous at the start but two early goals one each way did a lot to calm the nerves.
As the half rolled on Clockhouse looked to play the ball around and managed to create further opportunities. Lily S-E finishing a first half hat-trick while Mia C scored on her Clockhouse debut. Pinewoods made some great breaks with some strong dribbles into the Clockhouse half but Kayleigh S at the back worked hard to limit the visitors chances.
The second half was a very fiercly contested midfield battle. Both teams trying to unlock the others hard work at the back. Clockhouse were first to strike as Lily S-E grabbed her fourth of the game. But Pinewoods answered back with their second of the contest. As the game wore on Clockhouse launched nunerous attacks but the Pinewoods keeper did well to keep them in the game. The last say of the game went to captain Holly W who put in Clocks 7th and final goal.
After the game Mr Yarrow said 'This was a fantastic game of girls football, you wouldn't believe this was both schools first run outs of the season, the standard was so high!
Thank you to Mark and the team at Collier Row FC for getting the pitch in the best conditon I have seen it in months.
Credit to our guests today, always an enjoyable fixture! Mr Sheldrick has done a great job with his players!
Thank you to Mr McGlinchey for once again leading an incredible group of ambitious young players and a big thank you to the sideline support, you really make a difference!
For me what was great today, was not only did the Clockhouse girls play brilliantly in their first appearance together with a number of debutant,s but so many girls from both schools got the opportunity to play fun challenging football. Both Clockhouse and Pinewoods have a partnership this year with She Can Play promiting girls football. It was also great to have young Daisy referee. A great advert for girls football!'
FINAL SCORE: Clockhouse 7 vs 2 Oasis Pinewoods
SQUAD: Brooke A, Kayleigh S, Andreja R, Ruby N, Lily S-E, Mia C, Holly W (c), Ruby L and Miley B
SCORERS: Lily S-E x 4, Mia C and Holly W

Clocks Kick off football fixtures with fantastic result!


Last Friday Clockhouse travelled to St Marys for the boys first football fixture of the season. St Marys always provide a good game and after a period of play where the ball seemed stuck in-between the two midfields Clockhouse managed to open the scoring Charlie B finding the net after some nice passing from captain Max N and Morgan N.


Clockhouse doubled their lead when Max N got onto the score sheet after a strong run from Jake L. St Marys did answer back but there was time for Charlie B to score again after a Micah R assist to leave Clockhouse 3-1 at the break.


As the second half began Clockhouse tried hard to pick up the pace. Both Max N and Charlie B scoring again. Similarly to the first half St Marys came back and found the net with a well placed shot.


Clockhouse added the icing to the cake in the final 5 minutes when Max N grabbed his hat-trick and Charlie B netted his 4th of the evening in an impressive debut.


After the game Mr Yarrow looked back saying 'This is a great start for a very new look Clockhouse team, I was pleasantly surprised! It was hard for the coaches to pick the first squad as so many players had trained very well. The team did the basics well very, controlled at the back from Hayden M and Luke B was nice to see. Thank you to Mr Gosnell and St Marys for a good game of football and great hospitality!'


Mr Koten said 'This is a great start for the team, a big wi, and some amazing debuts. We picked 3 goalies today and Finley O, Lewis W and Riley W all performed at times. I cannot wait for the next game.'


FINAL SCORE: St Marys 2 vs 7 Clockhouse


SCORERS: Charlie B x 4 & Max N x 3


SQUAD: Finley O, Lewis W, Riley W, Hayden M, Jake L, Charlie B, Max N (c), Micah R, Morgan N, & Luke B




Bright future ahead for Clockhouse footballers!


Earlier today a handful of Year 2 chikdren were selected to attend the Havering 5-a-side festival of football.


None of these children have played together before but despite a nervous start you wouldn't of known this team hadn't played together.


Clockhouse started with a bit of a wobble trying to find their feet and went behind to St Peters. As the game went on Clockhouse grew into the game but time rannout before Clockhouse could equalise. Another minute or two and this could of been a very different story.


From that moment Clockhouse just seemed to click going on a scoring frenzy. Clockhouse's first win came against Collier Row rivals St Patrick's. Clockhouse winning 2-1 thanks to goals from Finn N & Jayden C and some fearless goalkeeping from Teddy M.


Next up was Oakfields, Clocks again were ruthless infront of goal Finn N with a hattrick to see off the private school.


In our final game Clockhouse met St Joseph's. Despite going behind early Clockhouse showed just how dedicated they were to come back & win the match 4-2. Finn N finding the net 4 times in as many minutes.


Clockhouse finished 2nd overall in a very pleasing, fun day.


Mr Yarrow reflected on the day saying 'These children have been a credit to the school today. Fun, energy, & passion on show from the first minute of the day until the last. Later on in the year there will be another year 2 competition which I look forward to mixing some of todays team with some other new faces. The children on show today have a bright sporting future, well done to all! Thank you also to all the parents who stayed to support the team.'


SQUAD: Teddy M, Bella C, Janice O, Jayden C, Finn N, & Frankie S.




Clockhouse so close to Leicester


After qualifying from the regional event recently the Clockhouse Girls Football Team took to the field for the Area Finals of the Premier League Stars Tournament. The winners would travel to Leicester City FC to represent West Ham United against schools from the other premiership clubs that were also running similar events across the country.

Clockhouse were up against other regional qualifiers from across the West Ham region. Clockhouse played the best flowing football in their group. First up Clockhouse met St Luke's Primary School and despite dominating the game they fell behind to a soft goal against the run of play which ended up being the only goal. In a repeat of the regional event Clockhouse then met Aveley Primary School and just like last time Clockhouse beat Aveley. First win of the finals 2 -0. Clockhouse then faced St Michael's which ended in a frustrating goalless draw. With the girls needing a win to advance from the group Clockhouse met Brampton School. A late goal saw Clockhouse advance to the semi-final just two games away from the grand final in Leicester.
In the semi-final Clockhouse met Shenfield St Mary's C of E School. The game remained goalless until there was just 17 seconds left to play where a long throw from Shenfield caused problems in the box resulting in a winning goal. This was a shame especially for Kayleigh M in the Clockhouse goal as she had already pulled off some fine saves.
Thank you to Mr McGlinchey who works so so hard with the girls to give them the opportunities to play fantastic stylish football at these such events.
Overall joint 3rd, a fantastic result against some of the best girls teams this end of the country! Mr Yarrow, Mr McGlinchey and the school are proud of the girls efforts!
SQUAD: Kayleigh M, Rameen S, Rachel C, Grace D, Lily S-E, Sophie L (c), Ruby N, & Emily G
SCORERS: Ruby N, Rachel C, & Sophie L



Mixed fortunes for boys and girls in Havering Cup competitions


Tuesday night was a busy evening of important cup football for the Clockhouse boys and girls teams.

The girls played at home hosting the defending champions St Joseph's. The game was a battle from start to finish with both teams having a chance of gaining victory. At half time the scores were level thanks to a Rachel C goal. Rachel's impressive scoring recorded continued with 3 goals in her last 2 games.
Sadly the second half favoured the visitors who managed two more goals without reply to knock Clockhouse out of the cup at tje quarter final stage. A fantastic effort against the reigning champions who are favourites to retain their crown. A game that could of so easily been the final and nobody could fault the heart, passion and work rate of the Clockhouse girls.
Final Score: Clockhouse 1 vs 3 St Joseph's
Squad: Kayleigh M, Rameen S, Grace D, Lily S-E, Ruby N, Sophie L (c), Beth C, Holly W, Rachel C, & Darci L
Player of the Match: Holly W
The girls were unlucky not to qualify from their quarter final where as the boys were still looking to qualify for the last eight. Clockhouse boys had to travel away to Benhurst.
The boys had the dream start going ahead in less than a minute from a lovely strike from James O. James O also keeping up his impressive goal tally for the season actually having a high goal to game ratio.
As Clockhouse settled into the game their domanace was clear to see. But sometimes the boys were guilty of trying do a little too much with the ball. Benhurst were happy to take advantage of the Clockhouse errors to counter attack in numbers and were unlucky not to score some fearless keeping from Charlie B.
It took the boys until late in the second half to seal the win Charlie M scoring after some individual brilliance from Max N. Charlie G & Bobby L were unlucky not to extend the Clockhouse lead further following some fantastic vision from Kaylan B. Clcokhouse boys got the victory and equalled the girls progress through to the quarter finals.
Final Score: Benhurst 0 vs 2 Clockhouse
Squad: Charlie B, Alfie P (c), Bobby I, Bobby L, Max N, James O, Charlie M, Kaylan B, & Charlie G
Player of the Match: Max N



Next Stop Beckton for Successful Girls Football Team!


Following the success of the boys in their Premier League Stars Tournament last week, the girls equalled their male counterparts by finishing third in their regional qualifying event.

Despite being freezing cold and not playing to their usual high standards. The girls team dug deep and ensured they finished the tournament undefeated having conceded no goals.
Clockhouse opened their campaign with a 0 - 0 draw against Thameside Primary School.
Clockhouse got their first victory in their next outing against Aveley Primary School. Jodie S giving Clockhouse the 1 - 0 victory.
Clockhouse then faced St Helens Catholic School in a game either team could of won but the game finished goalless.
Finally Clockhouse played Kenington Primary School and despite bombarding the goal with shots. Clockhouse left it until late on to score two goals and pick up the 2 - 0 victory. Goals from Jodie S ans captain Sophie L.
A frustrating day had a fantastic outcome and the girls will have the opportunity to warm up and regroup before hosting St Joseph's on Tuesday at Clockhouse in the Havering Cup. As always your support is more than welcome! Today team Clockhouse played by far the most attractive style of football out of all the schools on show, but just struggled slightly with the shorter time format. This is something we can work on before the finals in Leicester. A great opportunity for the players and a proud moment for Clockhouse sport!
Well done Girls!
Squad: Kayleigh M, Grace D, Rameen S, Lily S-E, Ruby N, Sophie L (c), Emily G, & Jodie S
Player of the Tournament: Grace D



Girls football team building momentum nicely for important block of fixtures ahead


The girls football team looked fantastic tonight in their new football kit, but it was the football that did the talking!


With some new players being brought in due to their hard work and dedication to training it took the girls a few minutes to find there feet as our visitors Harrow Lodge Academy tried to attack. But the Clockhouse defence was solid all game. Rameen S and Darci L both putting in some strong tackles.


Once the team was familiarised with each other there was no stopping them. Captain Sophie L looked untouchable the whole afternoon and deservedly opened the scoring. It was not long before Sophie and Clockhouse doubled their tally for the day following some nice passing play in midfield from Beth C and Holly W.


Before the half time break debutant Rachel C had time to grab herself a brace.


Credit to Harrow Lodge who never let their heads go down despite a great team performance from Clockhouse.


Sophie L went on to grab her hat trick and a 4th in a master class performance, following some accurate passing from Lily S-E and Ruby N who were both unlucky not to get their names on the scoresheet.


A great Clockhouse win as the team advance to the quarter finals of the borough cup. The girls will host a very strong St Joseph's team next Tuesday at Clockhouse. The girls are undefeated this season but both schools will fancy their chances. If you are free please feel free to come & watch thus fantastic group of girls in action!


Final Score: Clockhouse 7 - 0 Harrow Lodge


Squad: Kayleigh M, Rameen S, Grace D, Ruby N, Beth C, Sophie L (c), Rachel C, Lily S-E, Holly W, & Darci L


Player of the Match: Rachel C



Dedicated Clockhouse win West Ham Premier League Competition!


After a wet and unfortunate result on Wednesday Clockhouse boys football team were back in action today at West Ham United's region of the Premier League Stars Football Tournament.

Clockhouse travelled outside the borough to The Brentwood Centre to meet numerous school, most of whom were outside the borough and the school has never played before. In the Premier League Stars Tournament you must go through regional events with an aim of actually representing the Premier League Club in a national event later in the year.
Clockhouse played some beautiful football and won their first game against West Horndon 2-1. Next up was the battle of Havering as Clockhouse met Benhust, again the boys won 2-1. This result was of specific importance as Clockhouse have been drawn against Benhurst in the next round of the Havering Cup. Next up was a narrow defeat to Ingatestone 1-0 despite having chances to get a draw. Clockhouse then met a strong St Peters (South Weald) side knowing a win was required to stay in contention for the tournament. A fantastic game ended 1-0 to Clockhouse. The final game saw Clockhouse play Shenfield St Marys. The group was so close and any of three teams could of won the league and progressed to the next stage of the Premier League Tournament. Clockhouse went behind early on, but drew level midway through the game from a corner. With time running out Clockhouse scored a late goal to win 2-1. The late goal was vital as it took Clockhouse through to the 2nd stage of West Ham United's Premier League Stars Tournament.
Congratulations to all the boys involved in the last two days of football. Some fantastic football was played and the boys really did deserve some success. The next stage of the tournament will be Thursday 22nd February.

Squad: Charlie B, Alfie P (c), Bobby I, Bobby L, James O, Max N, Kaylan B, Micah R, & Charlie M​


Scorers: Charlie M x 4, James O x 2, Alfie P


Player of the Tournament: James O



Mixed emotions after Havering Boys Football Tournament


Despite horrible weather condions the boys football team were on fire at the Havering Football Tournament. Clockhouse met local school Oasis Pinewoods first up and in a flawless performance won 5-0. Next Up for Clockhouse was reigning champions Branfil, who were also dispatched with ease by the impressive Clockhouse boys, this time 3-0. The next group game was a Collier Row derby as Clcokhouse met St Patricks winning 2-0. The next game ended up being the group decider as Clockhouse lost 1-0 to a strong Towers side who deserved their victory. Clockhouse had a final group game against Hacton and a thrilling end to end game finished 1-1.

Clockhouse finished 2nd in their group overall. After the tournament Mr Yarrow reflected saying ' I have a bitter sweet feeling. The boys played so well and did the school proud. We lost just one game which is a good record considering the short, sharp, intense games. As you can imagine the Borough boys football tournament was very popular and all six group winners along with the best two runners up went into the quarter final. We got 10 points out of a possible 15 so we must have only missed out narrowly on a quarter final place. Well done lads!'

Squad: Charlie B, Alfie P (c), Bobby I, Bobby L, James O, Max N, Kaylan B, Micah R, & Charlie M

Scorers: Bobby I x 2, Max N x 2, Charlie M x 3, James O x 2, Kaylan B, & Micah R
Player of the Tournament: Charlie M


Clockhouse look grEIGHT as they ease into the next round of the Havering Borough Cup!


Last night Clockhouse made the trip to the other side of the borough to face Newtons Primary school in a boys football match. The boys turned up and looked switched on and it did not take long before Charlie M scored his first goal of the match. Clockhouse and Charlie M doubled their tally shortly after, fantastic build up play from Bobby I and James O allowed Charlie to beat the keeper.


Clockhouse were dominating possession, the speed of play and the selflessness in the play was a pleasure to watch! Max N added to the Clockhouse lead with a nice half volley after some good control and a great cross from Kaylan B.


Clockhouse went in at half time with the game all but over as a contest. The nice thing about the performance is Clockhouse were not finished and put on a mature ruthless second half performance! Micah R was next to put his name on the score sheet following a goal line scramble. Captain Alfie P did not want to miss out on the action and scored a rocket from far out, a real contender for goal of the season! Kaylan B playing out of position due to players not being able to play at short notice, put a real shift in and was rewarded with a goal following some quick thinking and distribution from keeper Charlie B. Despite time running out there was still time for Micah R to grab his second goal, his impressive goal scoring form now sits as 5 goals in 2 games. Riley V's long ball gave Charlie M a deserved final say in the game with an impressive strike from outside the area to grab his hat-trick.


Credit to Newtons who held their heads high throughout the game, but Clockhouse put in their best performance of the year so far. Fingers crossed we can play like that every game!




SQUAD: Charlie B, Bobby I, Alfie P (c), Kaylan B, Max N, James O, Charlie M, Riley M, & Micah R


SCORERS: Charlie M x 3, Max N, Micah R x 2, Kaylan B, & Alfie P




Clockhouse victorious in Collier Row derby!


Clockhouse boys football team welcomed local neighbours Pinewoods tonight for a boys football friendly.

Clockhouse put a marker on the game in the first half. With the main share of possession Clockhouse tried to control play but were missing the target when shooting opportunities arose.
In the opening exchanges Clockhouse pinned Pinewoods deep in their own half but just could not finish. As the game broke up just before half time Clockhouse had five minutes to remember, scoring all four goals in the five minutes leading up to half time. James O continued his impressive goal to game ratio, while debutant Micah R bagged himself a brace and Bobby L also found the net.
Pinewoods grew in confidence as the 2nd half went on and were unlucky not to grab a goal or two back on the counter attack with Charlie B pulling off numerous fine saves to keep his clean sheet. Clockhouse had opportunities to extend their lead through Max N and Alfie P but the Pinewoods goalkeeper was pulling out some fine saves to keep his side at a respectable scoreline.
Both Micah R and Riley V impressed highly on their school debuts making competition for places even higher. Thoughts also go to Charlie M who was selected for the game originally but was unable to play due to injury.
Final Score: Clockhouse 4 v 0 Pinewoods
Squad: Charlie B, Alfie P (c), Bobby I (vc), James O, Max N, Bobby L, Kaylan B, Riley V, & Micah R.
Scorers: James O, Micah R x 2, & Bobby L
Player of the Match: Micah R


Girls follow in boys footsteps with outstanding first victory!


In some of the weirdest weather conditions Clockhouse girls finally got the opportunity to play their first game tonight at Pinewoods.


The girls controlled the game territorially and with 5 minutes gone new captain Sophie L powered home with a strike from the edge of the area.

With roughly 8 minutes to play in the half the Year 5 girls Ruby N and Lily S-E were introduced to the game. The girls played confidently making good runs but the highlight was the passing game that seemed to bamboozle Pinewoods. Ruby N finishing off a nice team move to double the Clockhouse advantage before half time.


Pinewoods came out more physical in the 2nd half but the game remained in the greatest of spirits with all the girls from both sides enjoying their opportunities. Both sides grew in confidence as the game went on but it was Ruby N with her 2nd goal of the afternoon that sealed the victory. The cherry on the cake for Clockhouse came when Emily G hit a powerful shot that the goalkeeper struggled to deal with and Clockhouse went four goal to the good.
Pinewoods and Clockhouse both finished the game smiling after a fun game with the game really opening up in the last 5 minutes.


SQUAD: Kayleigh M, Rameen S, Grace D, Emily G, Beth C, Sophie L (c), Jodie S, Lily-Jo G, Ruby N, Lily S-E
SCORERS: Sophie L, Ruby N x 2 and Emily G



In form Boys Footballers keep winning run going!


Last week Clockhouse visited St Mary's for a boys football. The match was a good warm up for the league matches coming up as Clockhouse will face St Mary's in the league too.

The boys started where they left off against Crowlands and took an early lead with a James O goal. The pressure built up throughout the half with Clockhouse going in at half time 3 - 0 up. Max N scoring a tap in following a nice assist from Kaylan B and Charlie M scoring a perfectly curled free kick.
St Mary's came out for the second half stronger having made a few changes. The game became more of a struggle with Clockhouse guilty of trying to do too much with the ball and St Mary's becoming a lot more physical in the tackle. St Mary's got themselves back in the running with a goal before Clockhouse finished the game off with 2 more goals following some neat passing. Charlie M and James O both getting their brace.
The boys are next in action Tuesday at the league tournament on Tuesday where they will meet St Mary's again along with Parklands and Engayne.
SQUAD: Charlie B, Alfie P (c), Bobby I, James O, Max N, Bobby L, Kaylan B, Charlie M, Hayden M, Morgan N, & John O
SCORERS: James O x 2, Max N, & Charlie M x 2


Boys football team put Clockhouse on cloud 9!


Clockhouse boys kicked off the football season in flawless style last night. A dominant workmanlike performance ensured that Crowlands were not given a chance.

Clockhouse handed debuts to many new players tonight. One of which was James O who gave Clockhouse the lead within the first five minutes.
Clockhouse doubled there lead within ten minutes. Bobby L striking a free kick from considerable distance, leaving the keeper no chance.
Clockhouse were in no mood to hang around adding two more goals to their tally before the break. James O grabbing his second from some selfless fast paced build up play and Kaylan B poking one in past the keeper.
The second half was much of the same. Sadly for Crowlands the floodgates opened and Clockhouse went on to score a further five goals. James O completing his hat trick, Kaylan B adding a second, and other scores included Charlie M, Charlie G and Max N.
Credit to Crowlands who finished the game still smiling and a big well done to a Clockhouse team who had a brilliant day. It was great to see debutants like Max N really getting stuck in and creating chances across the pitch. While the rest of the midfield were fizzing passes everywhere. A great way to finish the week!
Tuesday evening sees the girls kick start their football season, with another boys game away next Thursday night.
After the game Mr Yarrow said 'with plenty of competition for places the boys new they had to perform tonight, and that they did. Competition for places was already high but these boys have laid down a marker and expectations will now be high! Just a reminder to all the boys looking to play that a 95% minimum on the dojo is essential and I would hate for us to have players missing out on availability. Brilliant start to the football campaign! Well done lads!!!'
Mr Koten said 'the work rate from start to finish was out of this world! Mr Yarrow and myself are looking forward to the selection headaches coming up. Well done to all the boys tonight.'
SQUAD: Charlie B, James G, Alfie P (c), James O, Max N, Bobby L, Charlie M, Bobby I, Charlie G, & Kaylan B.
SCORERS: James O x 3, Bobby L, Kaylan B x 2, Max N, Charlie M, & Charlie G


A Fun Day of Year 2 Football


Clockhouse attended the Year 2 football competition on Thursday 28th September 2017 at Play Football. The tournament was played in great spirits with development and enjoyment at the forefront of the day.


With the sun shinning Clockhouse made a fantastic start beating RJ Mitchells amd St Peters. Clockhouse also had the two finalists in their group, Harold Court & Benhurst. Each team played each other twice with results staying the same, resulting in Clockhouse finishing 3rd overall in their group.


Chelsea scouts in attendance were really impressed with Harry M who scored 11 goals on the day, our other goal scorer was Alex C.


Mr Yarrow said 'It was great to see so many Year 2 children out enjoying sport! The children who represented the school today were amazing and played the whole day with a smile on their faces, I couldn't ask for more than that. I am hoping for many more opportunities to take Year 2 children out to sporting events. Thank you to all the parents who helped with transportation. A fun day out for all involved!'


TEAM CLOCKHOUSE: Alex C, Alfie S, Lucia G, Isabelle H, Harry H, & Harry M