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Sitting Volleyball


Clockhouse shine at Sitting Volleyball

Clockhouse recently had the pleasure of attending the annual Sitting Volley ball event held at Drapers Academy. 
The Team showed excellent behaviour throughout the day, representing our school with pride. The event showcased their resilience, sportsmanship, teamwork, determination, and the good effort they put in.
Arriving with an air of excitement, the Clockhouse team displayed exceptional behaviour allowing the team to take part in a the new sporting opportunity of sitting volleyball. This sport allows everyone a fair chance to take part and compete against different schools.
The team played against four schools in the tournament with some challenging competition, loosing some games and coming away with 2 wins! The team grew in confidence as the competition went on demonstrating great sportsmanship. In the midst of fierce competition, the team showcased their excellent teamwork skills. Each member played their part, communicating and cooperating flawlessly. Everyone supported and encouraged each other.
Go Team Clockhouse!
Team – Elijah (New Zealand), Jody (New Zealand), Mary-Jane (New Zealand), Hassan (New Zealand), Louie (New Zealand), Tyler (Japan), Alfie (Japan) and Alessia (Australia)



Impressive Clockhouse sit for Volleyball


Clockhouse had a wonderful experience taking part in the Sitting Volleyball tournament.
The Team arrived at Drapers Academy filled with excitement and nerves ready to play! The team played their first game against Mead, followed by playing Parsonage Farm and to conclude the round playing Rise Park. 
Clockhouse showed great progress as the tournament went on working on serving, passing and working on covering different spaces of the court as a team!
The team played one more match against Drapers Primary for the final placing position and did a excellent job and made the school very proud.
Miss Macdonald said - “I am so impressed and proud of the team and how well they adapted to the new sport. They gave 100% effort. It was a privilege to take this group of children out. They did a fantastic job at representing the school!”
Elijah - Japan, Skyla- Fiji, Alfie- Fiji, William - New Zealand, Albey - New Zealand and Grace - Greenland 
Well done Clockhouse!