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Tag Rugby


Clockhouse show their tagging talents!


Year 5 and 6 pupils at Clockhouse Primary School showcased their exceptional talents at the annual Tag-Rugby competition. This was a huge event as two Clockhouse teams took part allowing 22 children to show off their incredible skills as well as demonstrate a good knowledge of the rules. They also exhibited impressive sportsmanship, and unwavering determination.

The teams, dressed in the school colours, displayed remarkable teamwork and strategic thinking throughout their first tournament as new teams. Passing the ball with precision and agility, they showcased their exceptional understanding of the game. The team actively encouraged their teammates, displaying respect for their opponents and graciously accepting defeat. In true Clockhouse style, our pupils showcased the true spirit of fair play.


Throughout the afternoon the two teams played against seven different schools facing some tough opponents, but this did not stop Clockhouse. On the pitch they were amazing and remained determined to work well as a team, scoring tries and tagging their opponents. For Clockhouse the competition resulted in some wins, some draws and some losses. 


Overall the teams enjoyed representing the school in a sport they love and this was a great opportunity to show case a wide range of skills, including lightning-fast sprints and accurate passing. Their commitment to improvement and their tireless efforts were rewarded throughout the competition, which made everybody very proud.


Well done team!


Blue team - 

Tyler (Japan) - Captain, Cooper (Japan), Tobi (Japan), Poppy (Fiji), Joshua (India), Olly (Australia), Bella (Australia), Dylan (Japan), Archie (Japan), Adam (Japan), Leani (Japan) and Raees (New Zealand)


Pink team -

Harrison (Australia) - Captain, Omar (Australia), Arsenni (Australia), Bella (Japan), Lana (Australia), Frankie B (New Zealand), Louie (New Zealand), Emily S (Australia), Armandas (China) and Ethan (New Zealand)




Talented Tag Rugby Team in the making!

On 2nd February, Clockhouse took part in a Year 5 and 6 Tag Rugby competition at Noak Hill Sports Complex. They experienced an afternoon full of opportunities to play several games against different schools.
Taking part was a great opportunity for the school as it allowed the two teams to compete, build confidence and grow as a team.
Once arrived, Clockhouse got stuck in straight away with Team A and B both doing a fantastic job. Both teams grew in confidence in terms of game strategies, tagging their opponents and getting that ball over their opponents goal line. Amazingly, they did all of this whilst showing great sportsmanship after each game!
Throughout the afternoon, the teams carried on progressing in each game by looking for clear opportunities to get to the line and executed some brilliant passes and tagging!
After a long tiring afternoon of playing a total of 11 games, the Clockhouse A team had a excellent result of coming 3rd overall out of the 8 schools taking part! Very impressive!
Miss Macdonald said “Both Teams put in 100% effort at all times and it was excellent to stand and observe how the team’s came together to score those points! I was over the moon with how Clockhouse played and extremely proud to witness the school coming 3rd overall ! Well done!” 
Players of the Day -
Team A - Millie
Team B - Tristan
Team - Lily - New Zealand, Millie - Fiji, Olivia - New Zealand, Finn- New Zealand, Marco- Australia, Bella- Fiji, Ronnie- Fiji, Freddy- New Zealand, Charlie- New Zealand, Alfie F- Fiji, Billy-Fiji, Oscar- China, Olly - China, Racim- Fiji, Riley- Fiji, Tristan - Australia, Cruz - Australia, Vlad- Australia, Frankie - New Zealand and Cerys- New Zealand


Clocks tag our way to third place!

The Clockhouse Tag Rugby League winning side went to finals day. In wet boggy conditions the team stayed focus and tried hard to play rugby with some flair and structure.
In the first round Clockhouse played Harold Court. A game that really battled the conditions was won when captain Alex C made a clean break to score the only try of the game. Clocks winning 1-0.
Next Clockhouse played Langtons. Again Alex C opened the scoring. Langtons hit back straight from the kick off, but the game was won by a great solo try from Patrick S.
Clockhouse's final league game was against Newtons. Clockhouse were unlucky not to take the lead when Finn N's try was disallowed for diving and Lewis C was unlucky knocking on on the Newtons try line. With less than a minute left Newtons stole victory breaking out wide to score the winning try.
As a result of the group games Clockhouse met old rivals Parsonage Farm in the 3rd place playoff. An end to end game started with Patrick S running around the Parsonage Farm defence to score the opening try. Parsonage Farm slowly built the phases and a missed tag was capitalised on to tie the scoring. Patrick S got his hands on the ball in the wide channel and once more he scored for Clockhouse. But Parsonage Farm were not finished as a long looping run around the Clockhouse defence resulted in Parsonage Farm levelling the scores once again. Finn N nearly won the game for Clockhouse but again his try was disallowed. At the full time whistle honours were even with a 2-2 draw.
Mr Yarrow reflected on the tournament saying 'It was hard conditions to play our style of rugby. That being said the children showed a real dedication and passion for the game. There was some fantastc tagging on show! 
Thanks to Mrs Baker who accompanied me on the trip and to the parents who transported the children.'
SQUAD: Alex C (c), Patrick S, Emily P, Olivia W, Pheobe L, Lewis C, Finn N, Oakley M, Freddy R, & George G
SCORERS: Alex C x 2, Patrick S x 3


Clockhouse try hard and come away as winners!


Clockhouse attended the Havering Tag Rugby League. With a squad that had only trained together once, and not played a competitive rugby fixture in years due to covid, there was a big feeling of the unknown.
Clockhouse were partnered with some big rugby schools like Upminster Juniors and Mead.
Clockhouse got off to an amazing start though with a 4-0 victory against Drapers Brookside. A strong defensive display was matches with strong carries when attacking.
Secondly Clocks met Drapers Pyrgo. Another 4 try's for team Clockhouse as some fast footwork proved to much for their opponents. Final score 4-1.
Clockhouse then came up against Harold Wood in a fixture that would really challenge the teams defence. The result finished a 1-1 draw.
Im the penultimate game Clockhouse met a strong Upminster Juniors side who passed the ball nicely in attack. Luckily some fast solo runs combined with dazzling footwork gave Clockhouse the win and put Clocks into poll position.
Finally Clockhouse met Mead knowing that a win would have them crowned champions. Clockhouse played with a high tempo and caught Mead on the back foot to claim a 4-0 victory and be named as winners on the day. 
As a result of the victory Clockhouse move forward to another tournament for all the regional winners.
Mr Yarrow said 'Our children never fail to impress me! With one training session the children picked up the game plan and identified our style of play. 
There was great team work and individual brilliance. But the most important thing was to have the children out playing sport and having fun! I'm excited to see what's next for this team!
Thank you as always to the parents who helped with transport.
Well done team Clockhouse you've done us proud yet again!'
SQUAD: Alex C (c), Phoebe L, Emily P, Patrick S, Lewis C, George G, Olivia W, Freddy R, Finn N and Oakley M
TRY SCORERS: Patrick x 11, Alex C x 2, Lewis C x 3 and Finn N



Clocks Tremendous Tagging!


Clockhouse took two sides to the Havering Tag Rugby Festival (blue tags and yellow tags).


Both teams were packed with talented sporting children who could show a good blend of footwork, running, passing, and tagging.


The Clockhouse Yellow Tags had a good opportunity to gain experience with most children representing the school for the first time. The Yellow Tags results were as follows:

Harold Wood: won 2-1

Towers Juniors: lost 1-2

Nelmes: lost 2-3

Rise Park: won 2-1

Benhurst: lost 0-3

Harold Court: won 1-0

Parklands: drew 2-2

Crowlands: lost 1-3

Rise Park: won 2-1


The team grew in confidence as the festival went on!


Try scorers:

Finn N x 11

George G x 2


The Clockhouse Blue Tags looked ruthless with the ball throughout the competition. In addition when defending the team spread out across the pitch and pressed up to make it difficult for oppositions to attack. These skills resulted in an undefeated day for the team. The Blue Tags results were as follows:

Harold Wood: won 3-2

Parklands: won 3-2

Scotts: won 4-3

Towers Juniors: won 3-2

Engayne: drew 3-3

Gidea Park: won 4-1

Harold Court: won 2-1

St Patricks: won 2-1


The team played with composure and a great understanding of the rules throughout the competition.


Try scorers:

Rosie C 

Patrick S x 7

Alex C x 10

Courtney B

Lewis C x 4

Emily P

Chima I


Mr Koten spoke about the Yellow Tag team saying "Today it made me really happy to oversee this team. All day they encouraged one another and at times played some fantastic rugby. It was fantastic to see how all the players grew in confidence as the festival went on. The smiles on the children's faces makes days like today very special."


Mr Yarrow spoke about the Blue Tag team saying "It was great to see how much the children enjoyed today. I wish there were more opportunities for the younger children in the sporting calendar!


The fact the team managed to remain undefeated was the icing on the cake. I couldn't be prouder.


Today both teams were fantastic; both whilst playing and generally how they conducted themselves throughout the event. It is a good day to be associated with these teams. Thanks as always to our very supportive parents. Also thank you to our school/club link May and Baker Rugby Club for hosting the event. If anyone would like more information regarding taking your child to try rugby outside of school please feel free to ask. 


I'd like to finish by once again praising the young children who were amazing today. There is clearly a bright sporting future at Clockhouse!"


Clockhouse Squad: Rosie C, Lilly-Mae L (c), Emily P, Ellie W, Isabelle H, Lucia B, Phoebe L, Patrick S, Alex C, Lewis C, Chima I, Courtney B, Jamie W, Fin  N, Freddie R, George G, Oakley M, Kyran M and Charlie H.


Yellow Tags players of the tournament: Oakley M and Ellie W


Blue Tags players of the tournament: Lewis C and Rosie C




Tremendous Tagging!


Today Clockhouse entered 2 sides into the Havering Tag Rugby competition.


Firstly The Royal Blues entered the Schools Games Competition and the results were as follows:


Royals 3 vs 2 Drapers Brookside 

Royals 2 vs 3 Brady

Royals 1 vs 3 Benhurst 

Royals 1 vs 0 Gidea Park

Royals 3 vs 2 Elm Park

Royals 3 vs 0 Harold Court


Sadly the Clockhouse Royal Blues narrowly missed out on qualifying from the group stages.


SQUAD: Gracie R, Shay M, William S (c), Rhys M, Frankie R, Frankie L, Roman L, Kayleigh S and Attila P-H.


SCORERS: William S x4, Rhys M x1, Frankie L x7, & Kayleigh M x2.




Next up was the Clockhouse Baby Blues in the Havering Festival. Their results were:


Baby's 2 vs 1 Harold Wood

Baby's 2 vs 0 Newtons

Baby's 0 vs 1 RJ Mitchell

Baby's 1 vs 0 Towers


As a result of an impressive group stage the Clockhouse Baby Blues were named winners of their group where they advanced into a winners pool to determine overall placings. The results of the winners pool were:


Baby's 0 vs 3 James Ogglethorpe

Baby's 4 vs 2 St Joseph's 

Baby's 2 vs 2 Newtons


This resulted in the Clockhouse Baby Blues finishing 2nd overall.


SQUAD: Emma S, Rosie C, Pheobe L, Dan-Luka N, Luke B, Harry H, Oliver K (c), Jamie S and  Charlie B


SCORERS: Charlie B x4, Harry H x3, Oliver K x3 and Jamie S x1.




Mr Yarrow looked back on the day saying 'It is great to have so many children out representing the school at tag rugby. I believe there were over 40 teams in attendance today and the Clockhouse children did us proud as always.


I witnessed some individual skill and some great team scores but most importantly I watched a group of pupils enjoying sport.


Thank you to all the family members who supported or transported children. Thanks especially to Mike who volunteers his time weekly at the school to help coach our school rugby team. Finally a thank you to our schoool / club link May and Baker Rugby Club for hosting the 2 events. If you would like anymore information about playing rugby outside of school please feel free to ask me.


Well done again today to all children who represented the school, they will sleep well tonight as they did not stop running and tagging all day!'


Tag Rugby Times for Year 3 and 4!


Clockhouse took a squad of Year 3 and 4 children to a Tag Rugby festival hosted at May and Baker Rugby Club.


Some children got to represent the school for the first time and experience sport against other schools.


Clockhouse had to play 10 games of tag rugby and had the opportunity to show all they have learnt about the game at clubs and in PE lessons.


The Clockhouse results were as follows:


Crowlands lost 3-2

Parsonage Farm lost 3-1

Rise Park won 4-2

St Edwards won 1-0

RJ Mitchell lost 3-2

Benhurst won 3-0

Harrow Lodge lost 5-4

RJ Mitchell won 2-0

St Joseph's lost 6-3

St Peter's won 3-1


Mr Yarrow looked back on the festival saying 'considering the team started the day fairly nervously I think the team were incredible. The day started and only a few people wanted to take the ball forward but as the day went on all players seemed to want to get their hands on the ball and I see some suoer tagging.


It is great that as a school we are able to be so competitive at lower key stage 2. I am confident all the children taking part today have bright sporting futures at Clockhouse.


Thank you to our hosts and to our parents for supporting and transporting the children. A great day of rugby!'


SQUAD: Pheobe L, Rosie C, Lilly-Mae L, Emily P, Harry H, Ronnie D, Jamie S, Dan-Luka N and Lewis C.


TRY SCORERS: Harry H x 8, Jamie S x 7, Lewis C x 5, Ronnie D x 2




Dominance is Defence sees Clocks Tag our way to Victory!


Last Friday Clockhouse took two teams to St Peters Prep School in Brentwood for our first tag rugby matches of the school year.


The Royal Blues looked dangerous with the ball in hand trying to find opportunities to step through gaps whilst defensively securing many tag turnovers. In the 2nd half Clockhouse looked to use an offload style of play and spread the ball which seemed to bamboozle the St Peters defenders.


FINAL SCORE: St Peters 7 vs 15 Clockhouse Royals


SQUAD: Finlay O (c), Jake L, Hayden M, William S, Frankie L, Brooke A, Lily S-E andRuby N.


SCORERS: Frankie L, Jake L, Lily S-E,  William S and Finley O




Our second match saw Clockhouse Navy's also playing St Peters. Both teams defended well and it took some time before Clockhouse managed to break the deadlock. Some nice passing and good decision making allowed Clocks to lead at half time. In the second half Clockhouse tried to stay positionally strong and organise a defensive line to effect further tag turnovers.


FINAL SCORE: St Peters 8 vs 16 Clockhouse Navy


SQUAD: Ella P (c), Kayleigh S, Frankie R, Max N, Kenneth A, Callum G, Rhys M-H and Shay M


SCORERS: Max N, Kayleigh S and Callum G




Mr Yarrow reviewed the game saying 'It is always great to play Brentwood St Peters! Regardless of the sport the games are always competitive and they are fantastic hosts. Clockhouse looked good in attack and when we grew in confidence as the game went on we looked dangerous. But personally I want to highlight the defensive effort so many tag turnovers and a massive effort to realign and not concede silly penalties for offside.


Thank you to Sarah for her positive attitude and hard work at club alongside her farther and partner for their continued contributions. Our helpful parents help make sport at Clockhouse a huge success.


Well done to all the children in both Clockhouse teams!'


First Tag Rugby Performance for Top Clockhouse Taggers!


Clockhouse took two sides to partner club May and Baker RUFC. The Royals competing in the School Games Competition & the Navys competing in the Borough Festival.


Both sides made very promising starts winning their groups undefeated.


Royals group results were 2-1 vs Crownfield, 3-2 vs Hacton, 2-1 vs James Oglethorpe, 2-1 vs Rise Park, & 4-3 vs St Joseph's.


Navy group results were 3-1 vs Harold Wood, 2-0 vs Benhurst, & 3-0 vs Elm Park.


After a long lunch break Clockhouse Royals advanced to meet Nelmes in the semi-final. A good game ended with Nelmes beating Clockhouse for pace and winning 3-1. But let's not take anything away from the Clockhouse performance, battling hard until the last whistle making some great tags and being unfortunate not to score more. Nelmes went onto to win the competition.


After the lunch break the Clockhouse Navy side met Engayne in the quarter-final of their competition. Again a fantastic game with many break away solo scores, but sadly the result went Engaynes way loosing a great contest 5-3.


After the competition Mr Yarrow said 'Considering this was the teams first games together this is a great result for the school and really shows the hard work the kids have been putting in with coaches Sarah and Mike. Thank you to them both for giving up their time voluntarily to help tag rugby at Clockhouse.


The morning was a huge success and I saw some individual moments of brilliance, too many to individually name. I think the long lunch break stopped our momentum that was building nicely but that cannot be helped and credit should go to winners Nelmes and Engayne. I look forward to our next tag rugby outing! Thank you to our partner club May and Baker for hosting the event so well.'


Coach Sarah said 'For the Royals to go the whole group stage undefeated only loosing to eventual winners Nelmes in the semi-final is a good result. I hope the children are proud of what they have achieved! All children got plenty of time to play together on the field. Well done everyone!'


Mr Koten added 'Team Navy were wonderful! They played every game with heart, passion, & belief! Well done to all the children that played. I hope next year we can keep up this good work and go even further in the competition!'


CLOCKHOUSE ROYALS SQUAD: Henry P, Jake L, Hayden M, William S, Frankie L, John O, Finlay O, Brooke A, Ruby N, & Lily S-E.




CLOCKHOUSE NAVYS SQUAD: Kenneth A, Max N, Billy R (c), Callum G, Rhys M-H, Shay M, Ella P, Frankie R, & Kayleigh S.




Clockhouse last the distance to win a close game with Crowlands


Clockhouse hosted local friends Crowlands for a tag rugby fixture. The game was a close game with both teams feeling each other in the opening encounters. As the half wore on both teams exchanged scores with Clockhouse holding a narrow lead at half time.

The second half was a faster game with Crowlands finding gaps to score but sadly for the visitors Clockhouse were capitalising on the handling errors. This proved vital in the end as Clockhouse ran out winners 9 to 6.
SQUAD: Charlie B, Charlie G, Brooke A, Sophie L, Kayleigh M, Lily S-E, Bobby I, James O, & Hayden M.


Havering Tag Rugby Tournament


Clockhouse took two sides to the Havering Tag Rugby Tournament. Both sides did the school proud. The navy blues reached the quarter finals while the royal blues made the semi-final.


On route to the quarter final the navy blues results were:

2 - 2 draw with Engayne

3 - 0 win against St Marys

1 - 1 draw with James Oglethorpe

0 - 0 draw with Parsonage Farm

3 - 0 win against Scotts


In the quarter final Clockhouse lost narrowly to Towers Juniors.


Scorers for the navy blues were:

Bobby L x 6, Alfie P, Billy R, & Hayden M x 2


Squad: Jack J-M (c), Bobby L, Alfie P, William S, Beth C, Billy R, Hayden M, Ella P, Brooke A, Ruby N, & Frankie B


Player of the Day: Bobby L


On route to the semi finals the royal blue results were:

3 - 0 win against Drapers Pyrgo

3 - 3 draw with Mead

3 - 1 win against RJ Mitchell

3 - 0 win against St Peters

4 - 3 win against Towers

1 - 0 win against St Marys

3 - 0 win against Newtons


The Clockhouse Royals met Engayne in the quarter final winning a physical game 2 - 0.


In the semi final the royals met James Oglethorpe who had a very similar game plan and deserved their 3 - 0 victory.


Scorers for the royal blues were:

Sophie L, Bobby I x 7, James O x 7, Charlie G x 6, Lily S-E, & Max N


Squad: Charlie B (c), Jake L, Finley O, Max N, Charlie G, Bobby I, James O, Kayleigh M, Sophie L, & Lily S-E


Player of the Day: Charlie G


Mr Yarrow said 'It was great for the school to get two very strong squads out. To have both teams reach the knock out stages was fantastic.'



Mixed fortunes with one win and one defeat in first rugby event of the season.


On Friday night Clockhouse welcomed St Peter's of Brentwood for two tag rugby fixtures. Both games were played at a healthy pace and highlighted areas of strength and for improvement.

In the first game Clockhouse Dark Blues recorded an 8 - 6 victory. Player of the Match was Jake L.
In the next game Clockhouse Royal Blues were defeated by a defensively well drilled St Peter's team 11 - 7. Player of the Match was given to Sophie L.
Mr Yarrow said 'I'd like to thank St Peter's for travelling from Brentwood. Its always good to find healthy competition from outside the borough. 
The Dark Blues showed some great footwork and cover tagging to come away with a battling victory. The Royal Blues got stronger as the game went on and when they picked up the speed and didn't allow St Peter's to organise defensively they made a good game of it. Sadly the damage was done in the first half.
Thank you to our two referees from Upminster Rugby Club we could not have done it without you!