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Physical Education

Physical Education at Clockhouse Primary School


"Don’t aspire to be the best on the team, aspire to be the best for the team!"

– Michael Jordan



Read on to find out all about P.E. at Clockhouse!


Who leads P.E. at Clockhouse?

I am Miss Wilson and I lead PE and Sport at Clockhouse Primary School. I am ably supported by Miss Mcdonald our Sports Coach. I am passionate about helping all children develop their physical skills through a bespoke P.E. curriculum that best fits the needs of our learners! My driving force is for P.E. to be seen as outstanding by all stakeholders whilst providing the children with a vast variety of clubs, competitions, and opportunities to remember P.E. at Clockhouse for the rest of their lives!


What is P.E. all about at Clockhouse?

At Clockhouse Primary School, we believe that the Physical Education provides the children an essential foundation for the growth of the whole child. We are proud to develop in young people an understanding of the positive impact a healthy, active lifestyle will have on their lives as they grow and develop.


As a school we know that Physical Education needs to be experienced in a safe and supportive environment. This supports the overarching goal of providing life-long memorable learning experiences through sporting opportunities and physical activity whilst striving for academic, creative, sporting and personal success within a fun, innovative, vibrant and enriched PE curriculum. Our curriculum is informed by the National Curriculum as well as what we know our community needs. Through this we aim to ensure all children have the opportunities to develop good health practices, sportsmanship, well-being, self-control, and self-expression whilst encouraging the opportunity to foster positive social interaction with peers to equip children with the lifelong skills and knowledge to be successful in modern Britain. This promotes a good moral compass for later in life.


Physical Education develops children’s physical competence and confidence, and their ability to apply these skills to perform in a range of activities and challenges. P.E. promotes skill and knowledge of the body in action. Our bespoke curriculum provides opportunities for children to be creative, competitive and to face up to different challenges as individuals, in groups, and as teams. We value Physical Education and therefore endeavor to deliver an enriched curriculum and offer sporting activities, through well planned lessons, extra-curricular school clubs, and lunch time experiences. At Clockhouse Primary School we are committed to quality provision in P.E At Clockhouse Primary School all we do is underpinned by our values. These values support our ‘Key Curriculum Drivers’. Our drivers are used to ensure all stakeholders know what we want for our children.


Find out more about P.E. at Clockhouse?

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We currently provide extra-curricular clubs in a variety of sports for children in years 1-6.

We can provide school / club links to external sports clubs in the local community in a number of different sports.

We regularly compete in competitions, fixtures, & festivals across Havering & other local boroughs.

In recent years, we have represented Havering at the London Youth Games in a variety of sports including cricket, tag rugby, gymnastics, & boccia.

At Clockhouse Primary School, we hold various accreditation, School Games Mark (Platinum), Youth Sports Trust Quality Mark (Silver), T.F.L. Stars (Gold) and Healthy Schools Award (Gold).

Clockhouse Primary School has a pedigree for producing passionate sporting children that continue their sporting journeys long after leaving Clockhouse!


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