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Governors' Report to Parents

Governors' Annual Report to Parents - 2020-2021


Please find below the latest annual report of effectiveness of the Clockhouse Primary School Governing Body. This report follows the best practise guidance suggested by the Department for Education.


When we set our priorities for 2020/21 last August we were hopeful of a year uninterrupted by further pandemic restrictions - how optimistic we were! As Governors we have been astounded at the School's response to the Covid impacts. Such care has gone into planning every step whether the School has been only open for vulnerable children and those of key workers, or the run since March when the bubbles have been in place. Children, parents and staff have been kept safe while learning has been as near normal as the constraints allow. Thank you for playing your part and supporting the school when there has been so much disruption to your own lives to contend with.


Being Clockhouse, it's never been good enough just to provide excellent teaching, whether in classroom or on-line. We've created a culture where we have a full programme of enrichment activities, clubs, trips and visitors and continue to innovate and adapt our curriculum so that the children are always excited about their learning. Even with Covid impacts, so much has still been offered in these areas thanks to the staff always being willing to go the extra mile.


After the children had been supported on their return to School in Spring, detailed assessment of their levels took place with teachers developing customised plans for their classes to pull back as much lost learning as possible with a renewed focus on the essential knowledge and skills needed. This resulted in most children being ready for their next year, but some gaps are still to be filled. In depth dossiers have been handed over to the next teacher.


Necessarily that recovery plan dominates our priorities for next year with an ambition to see even more children achieving above age related expected standards.


It seems forever ago, but we must remember the highly successful inspection by OFSTED back in January 2020. It was wonderful that they recognised so many positive things about out School and, at some point in the next 12 months, we look forward to welcoming them back to finish the task and see us again in full flow.


The Governing Body has 13 places and is currently full. Mr Bhamber completed his term of office in March and has been replaced by Mrs Ferreira. I would like to pay tribute to my Governor colleagues who have continued to meet, train and support the School virtually during the pandemic. I have the privilege of remaining as Chair of Governors and I continue to believe that this team is well-placed to lead the school to a very positive outcome when OFSTED re-visit. The commitment of the Governors is outstanding and they use all their wide ranging skills and experience to support and challenge the school leaders in equal measure.


It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of Mrs Savidge to lead the school so skilfully and with such dedication through these turbulent times. We are incredibly fortunate to have a Head who has such a passion for our School and working with the wider community.


Should you require any further information on any of the above topics or any other matter concerned with our School, please visit the Governors pages on the School website or contact the Governors via the School Office.


David Leaper

Chair of Governors

August 2021