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Governors' Report to Parents

Governors' Annual Report to Parents - 2022-2023


Please find below the latest annual report of effectiveness of the Clockhouse Primary School Governing Body. This report follows the best practise guidance suggested by the Department for Education and tries to answer the basic question, 'Has our School continued to improve in the last year'? Absolutely it has, and here is just some of the evidence.


We set our priorities for 2022/2023 last August wanting to continue the post-pandemic recovery of academic standards and to ensure that all children were able to experience the full curriculum and wider development opportunities we offer. We were also expecting a visit from OFSTED.


In terms of learning, all the hard work by children, staff (and parents!) paid off and standards have risen throughout the School. We were especially proud of what the Year 6 children achieved with Writing, Reading, Maths and Grammar all above National standards and also a significant increase in the number of children achieving at the higher levels.


The School’s wider offering has always been a strength and the wide variety of Clubs, Visits, Visitors and Residentials has continued supporting the meticulously planned social development of the children.


Indeed OFSTED did return in June and what a stunning two days that proved to be! Of course, the School only receive one day’s notice of the visit, so what was shown to the Inspectors was the fabulous and stimulating daily diet of learning and experiences that is served for the children every single day. If you have not read the Inspection report yet, please do. It is, we feel, a very true reflection of our School and the ‘Outstanding’ judgement is testimony to the hard work and support of the entire School community.


You probably will not be surprised to hear that there are strong plans in place to push for even further improvements next year – no complacency at Clockhouse!


The Governing Body has 13 places. Mrs Russell’s term of office completed in March and three other Governors (Mrs Polackova, Mr McLaughlin and myself) resigned from the Governing Body at the end of term.


Ms N Marshall was appointed in July and the Governors will appoint three new members in the Autumn term, taking into account the skills required to set and promote the School Vision, to ensure value for money and to hold leaders to account.


Mrs Ferreira will lead the Governing Body at least until a formal process can take place towards Christmas.


One of the key advantages that Clockhouse has over many schools is truly outstanding leadership, and this was a theme recognised in the OFSTED report. It is very much a team effort with everyone playing their part but it is impossible to over-emphasise the key role of the Headteacher.


In her 10 years as Head, I have literally seen Mrs Savidge give blood, sweat and tears and much more besides for the betterment of our School and the ‘outstanding‘  judgement is a fitting acknowledgement of that dedication. Thank you Mrs Savidge.


Should you require any further information on any of the above topics or any other matter concerned with our School, please visit the Governors' pages on the School website or contact the Governors via the School Office.


Wishing you all the best for the future

Yours sincerely

David Leaper, Former Chair of Governors, August 2023