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Governors' Report to Parents

Governors' Annual Report to Parents - 2018-2019


Please find below the latest annual report of effectiveness of the Clockhouse Primary School Governing Body. This report follows the best practise guidance suggested by the Department for Education.


The priorities identified for 2018/2019 were to further improve standards across the school, build on the already excellent quality of teaching and to undertake an external review of governance. I am delighted to report that in all cases these have been successfully accomplished.


End of year performance data shows that the very large majority of children in all year groups make at least good progress. Attainment at the end of Key Stage 2 remained very strong in writing and maths and, although reading fell back slightly, it remained broadly in line with national averages. Teaching is solidly good, with an increasing number of lessons assessed as outstanding.


Greenland has developed over the year and provides an excellent facility for some of our most vulnerable children. We are very proud and encouraged to see how the children are accessing the main school and are welcomed by their peers.


A highly positive review of governance in the spring term identified a number of tweaks we can make to further improve our effectiveness and these have, in the main part, already been implemented.


We have enhanced our approach to evaluation, working closely with our in-school leadership team. We have appointed a new Deputy Headteacher and maintained tight control over the increasingly challenging budget position.


The Governing Body has 13 places and is currently full. Over the last year we have said goodbye to Ms Stimpson, Mrs Jones and Mrs Grant-Bampton.  We welcomed three new Governors; Mrs Russell, Mrs Kedgley and Mr Koten.  As part of our annual effectiveness review we showed that collectively we have the resources and skills to fulfil all our core functions. Further, we had improved our capability in key areas through focussed training and development. Governance was recognised as ‘good’ by OFSTED and our Improvement Plan has continued to develop our individual and collective capability.


I have the privilege of remaining as Chair of Governors and I continue to believe that this team is well-placed to lead the school to a very positive outcome when OFSTED visit, possibly next year. The commitment of the Governors is outstanding and they use all their wide ranging skills and experience to support and challenge the school leaders in equal measure.


In addition to welcoming OFSTED, our priorities for the year are to launch our new vision for the school, to continue to set high expectations for all and to support the parent community.


Should you require any further information on any of the above topics or any other matter concerned with our School, please visit the Governors pages on the School website or contact the Governors via the School Office.


David Leaper

Chair of Governors

August 2019