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Year 3 visit Barleylands Farm 2017

In March Year 3 went to Barleylands. It was a lovely warm day and thankfully Barleylands is not too far away so before we knew it we were there. During the day we did four activities. We planted a bean and looked at different machinery used on the farm. We also got to feed the animals but some of us were scared and some of the animals tried to eat our clothes! We went on a tractor ride and saw one of the fields which they use to grow barley. We all got to make a pizza using produce which is grown on the farm. We all enjoyed doing this and eating it once we got home.


Some quotes from the children:

“I had a very good day. I enjoyed making the pizza.”

“I had never fed an animal before.”

“I am going to ask my mum to bring me back here.”


Barleylands do a lot of activities during the school holidays.  Click on the link to find out more.