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Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage at Clockhouse Primary School


Children learn as they play. More importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.

- Fred Donaldson



Read on to find out all about the Early Years Foundation Stage at Clockhouse!


Who leads EYFS at Clockhouse?

My name is Mrs Johns and I am proud to have worked at Clockhouse for 15 years, 9 of which I have lead the foundation stage. I am passionate about giving all children the best possible start to their school journey and a strong foundation for their educational career. It is important to myself and the whole EYFS team that we create a happy, safe, exciting environment for the children, where they can thrive doing the things that they love.


What is EYFS all about at Clockhouse?

The Early Years curriculum is based around a 2 year rolling program of themed based learning throughout Nursery, (FS1) and Reception, (FS2). We combine learning through play with following children’s interests and structured learning times to allow children the best possible learning opportunities. The Early years curriculum harbours the school’s overarching vision that children have a wide range of experiences within the curriculum that foster a love of life- long learning for future success. Learning through play allows children to explore their interests independently and promotes an independence for learning. Early years practise is rigorously monitored and evaluated to ensure that the curriculum and the provision is adapted to meet the ever changing needs of the children.

Best practise is regularly discussed with staff during whole school planning meetings and all staff have been trained in the Early Years approach and the delivery of the curriculum. The Early Years curriculum is clearly progressive across the phase with weekly provisions carefully thought out to ensure that the skills being used within the provisions are progressive across the phase. A vast range of opportunities are available to the children which allows them to deepen their existing knowledge and achieve depth in their learning.


Find out more about EYFS at Clockhouse?

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We have many visitors throughout the year visiting our EYFS, including farm animals, the zoo, an 8ft T-Rex names Tilly, Diwali dancers and many more exciting visitors.

We enjoy many special weeks throughout the year including Best of British Week, Creative Arts Week, Science Week and Maths Week. We often enjoy opportunities to dress up.

Each summer we have an extra special Pirate and Princess Day where we dress up and celebrate!


Click on the link below to see EYFS at Clockhouse in action:

We love our outdoor area too!