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Breakfast Club

Start the Day the Clockhouse Way


Brain Food Breakfast Bagels



We are very pleased to offer Brain Food Breakfast Bagels at Clockhouse every morning.


Bagels are on offer to anyone who wants them before school from approximately 8.40, every morning. They are free of charge. If you wish to get a bagel there are three Bagel Stations - one in the Key Stage 1 playground, one in the Key Stage 2 playground and one outside the Main School Office. On some days there may also be adults walking around with a Bagel bag.



If any parents can offer help with this we would be grateful - please speak to Mr Koten or Mrs Savidge. 

Rise So You Shine Club


Rise So You Shine Club takes pleace every monirng in Hungary.


The childrren certainly enjoy a more relaxed start to the morning as well as making sure they have had a good breakfast to get them ready for the important learning they have ahead of them.

Follow the link below to the video we made to show why having breakfast is important:

The Great Clockhouse Breakfast