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#ourclockhousefamily Welcome to our school!

Weekly reminders for week beginning 20th April 2020

Good morning Clockhouse


I hope that you are all keeping safe and well and doing what we all need to do at this time.


As we come to the end of the official Easter Holiday, the time has come to welcome you back to the Summer Term and what a strange term it is going to be. Who knows how it will roll out but I know together, as the fabulous community that we are, we will make the best of it and we will get there and come back together again!


As we start the new term (as such) tomorrow, we have made some changes based on the feedback from the questionnaire you kindly completed. As it is the start of the new term, work will be set on Google Classroom again. This will be sent at 4pm each evening from now on, so that you have the time to prepare should you need to. Please be aware that this is the work for the next day and should not be done that evening, no extra work will be set. If you do want to do extra you can refer to the activities on the weekly sheet which will be sent to you each Monday morning, this also provides activities that do not require technology, should this be a better option for you and your family. For Year 1 to Year 6 there will be 4 days of English and Maths learning on Google Classroom and one day of topic learning so that the children continue to get a balance. For Nursery and Reception, learning will be based around a well-known book. This has come from your feedback to make it as easy as possible for you, so thank you for your suggestions.


We will continue to look at other suggestions and consider whether we can manage these.


Please do not stress yourselves or your child, all that we send out is designed to give you a range of things to do and we do not expect everything to be done. In terms of priority, should you want this, the work on Google Classroom is probably the most important. The rest provides you with a mix of things to keep you busy should you need this. From all your photos, it has been lovely to see all that things that you have been getting up to. Having lots of fun and spending time as a family at this difficult time is also so, so important. Please just do what you can, we totally understand how hard it is! I will be sending out the recommendations parents sent in to help along the way, so keep an eye out for this.


As we return to the new term, the following is still the case:

  • There will be a small number of staff in school everyday on a rota basis.
  • The best way to contact teachers / school staff is messaging via Class Dojo, they will be online throughout the day this week and will get back to you as soon as they can. You can also communicate with them via Google Classroom.
  • The school phones will only be manned between 8.00am and 3.30pm. Please do not hesitant to call, even if it is only for a chat. If we cannot talk at that moment, someone will get back to you as soon as they can. Please only use option 3 and 5, as other lines will not be manned due to the reduced work force each day.
  • Should your child be eligible for Free School Meals and moving forward you decide that you need support, please alert us in good time.


Please keep sharing your pictures with us, we love seeing them. By sharing with us via class dojo or our other platforms, we will take this as your consent for wider sharing. If you do not want photos shared please do not send them.


These are very strange times and we will continue to do all we can to support you, please just ask!


I am sure you will want to join with me in thanking those in our community who are front line and key workers and also our great staff team. Thank you for your kind messages and on-going support, it really keeps us going and makes us smile.


Look out for something very special coming out later today, which we hope you will enjoy.


We are still one community and are here for you all. Our school – a family and a home for everyone!

Keep smiling and stay safe

Mrs Savidge