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#ourclockhousefamily Welcome to our school!

Weekly reminders for week beginning 1st February 2021

Good morning Clockhouse
Week 5 here we come! Can you actually believe it? Once again this week you have amazed us with your commitment and desire to make the best of this very difficult time. I put the following in one of my daily messages last week but wanted to reiterate the message to you as it really is important –
We know we are asking an incredible amount of you and you are all in such different circumstances. WELL DONE to each and every one of you. Not only are you home schooling, you are holding down your own jobs, coping with unwell family members or friends, running households, the list goes on and on! But ultimately you are living through and surviving a pandemic! No one has done this before and honestly you are doing a great job, so much better than many of you think you are doing - be proud of yourselves! Please be kind to yourselves. There will be some days when it is just too much, and that is ok. Put it to the side and do something different. Walk away from it when it is too much or it becomes too stressful and come back to it later (or not as the case maybe). At the moment the most important thing is that everyone is safe.
As I have said, we are very aware we are asking an incredible amount of you and all we ask is that you do your best and try! Everyone’s best will be different and we respect that. We cannot ask for more than this. We are doing our best and are very aware that we do not always get it right, we are all only human at the end of the day. We are trained professionals who do this for a living, you have had to become teachers overnight. Please know we are here for you and will do all we can to support you and we will also be ready to take over the reins when we can be back together. No one wants their child to fall behind but, as I said just do your best and we will do the rest. Talk to us and use us to support you all as you need to. There is nothing weak in asking for help and support if you need it or you just need to hear a different voice.
Again last week there was great engagement from you all with the Zoom sessions, with Google Classroom and Class Dojo. Well done to you all! This week we had a 91% uptake in live learning and a 96% uptake in remote learning. Can you help us improve it again next week! It is so lovely to see you all and thank you so much for keeping to the rules. If you are having any difficulties joining meetings, please do let Class Teachers know and they will do all that they can to help you. Also if you need a call at any time just let us know. We are all here to help and make this experience as easy as possible.
Well done to all those who took, part in – ‘Feel-good Friday Fashions’, your head wear was impressive. Keep an eye out for what next week’s theme will be. We hope you all enjoyed Achievement Assembly on Friday and will be looking for are next Home Learning Heroes and Hawaii Heroes come Monday. It really is a tough choice, we have so many Heroes at Clockhouse!
Thank you also to those who have put your hearts in the windows, people will be out this week looking for them in your windows. Please do help us spread the word. How many windows can we get this in and how far can we get it to go? Well done also for getting involved with ‘Clockhouse does Strictly’ please get your videos sent in by Wednesday at the latest.
I hope you have all had a good rest over the weekend so that you are ready to go again on Monday, week 5 here we come! But do remember what I said above. If you do not have a child in school, please do let us know if your child is unwell or a member of the household, we do still care about you all obviously and are all still part of the same community. 
As you know, at Clockhouse, we always strive to improve as well as enjoy hearing positive feedback! During this difficult time positive feedback is always welcome but we also want to know if there is anything more we can do or improve. Please help up to help you by clicking on the link below and completing this short questionnaire:
We urge you to give you child's name so that if need be we can address any issues with you directly but this is optional. Thank you to all those who have already completed this.

Please contact the school if you have any questions and we all look forward to seeing you virtually or face to face again this week.
Stay safe team Clockhouse! Have the best week possible.
#ourclockhousecommunity – and what a fabulous community you are!
Mrs Savidge