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Don't forget to send in sponsor money! Please rememeber that we finish at normal time on Friday 20th July and the children in Key Stage 1 and 2 return to school on Wednesday 5th September.

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6


We have three classes in our year group, with a total of 90 children. Our teachers are Miss Kearns, Miss Watkins and Miss Cason.


During the mornings, we focus hard on developing our literacy and mathematics skills. Many of us even come into school early to develop our skills further and to work on things we are stuck on in booster lessons - best of all; we get to have breakfast in the staffroom!


In the afternoons, we study our topics based on the new curriculum, everybody in our year group (teachers included) find them interesting and exciting and more importantly they allow us to take control of our own learning.


This year we will begin by following our Year Group Mascot, ‘Jack’, as he travels, in his time machine, back in time to when the Romans, Saxons and Vikings invaded the UK in ‘Jack’s Time Machine’. Later Jack will be exploring the different eco-systems and environments that can be found in North America in ‘Where’s Jack?’ In the Summer Term Jack will be jumping back in his time machine and travel to 1939 to discover what England was like during World War II.


Although we will be leaving Clockhouse at the end of the year, we know that our teachers have prepared us well for our SATs and for our future at secondary school.


But before the end of the year we still have lots to look forward to including; our residential trip to Bournemouth, our end of year production, new topics to explore and maybe even a few more trips to help enhance our learning!