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Don't forget to send in sponsor money! Please rememeber that we finish at normal time on Friday 20th July and the children in Key Stage 1 and 2 return to school on Wednesday 5th September.

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3


Year 3 is an exciting and industrious place to be!


Year 3 is also known as the continent of South America and in our year group we have 88 children who learn in 3 different classes. Mrs Overton and Mrs Herrera teach Argentina, Mr Balkham teaches Brazil and Mrs Diggines teaches Peru! We also have many other adults who help us with our learning on a daily basis. We are very proud of our three classrooms and love to see our work displayed on the wall.


At the beginning of Year 3 we moved from the Key Stage 1 building to the Key Stage 2 building and although we had regularly visited, we were very excited to move to a new part of the school as well as getting to play on the pirate ship in the Key Stage 2 playground.


We get to learn lots of new things in Year 3 building on our learning from our time in Key Stage 1. We begin the year with the theme ‘Who do you think you are?’ where we learn about how Britain has changes from the Stone Age to the Iron Age as well as learning about Rocks and Forces and Magnets. In the Spring Term our theme is called ‘What’s Going on Around Here?’ where all our learning is focused around the United Kingdom. Finally, in the Summer Term as we get ready to move to Year 4, we learn all about the ‘Groovy Greeks’ and what they did for us! We also get to go on lots of exciting trips and have visitors into school to make our learning even more fun!


Year 3 at Clockhouse Primary is a fun place to be, where we are always busy working and learning together to be the best that we can be!