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Attendance MUST imporve next week - together we can do it! School finishes for the summer on Friday at normal time!

Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


We currently have   pupils in our year group and our classes are called: 


Japan - our teachers are Miss Merchant and Mrs Herrera

China – our teacher is Miss Cason

India - our teacher is Miss Bowdery


Mrs Kenealy and Mrs Moxon work across all three classes to support us with our learning. All of our classes have a Class Councillor who meets regularly with the School Council.  This means that the children in Year 5 have a voice in discussing things that are important to us within our school.


Learning in Year 5 is exciting! We learn through topic based themes to ensure that our learning is cross curricular and we make links between subjects wherever possible. 

We all get the opportunity to extend our learning by completing research projects for each topic. Some of these are fantastic and we enjoy sharing them with our class and taking them to show Mrs Collard.


Our theme this term is:


European Adventure

During this topic we will be discovering ‘What is so good about Europe’. We will be setting up our own travel agents and exploring different types of holidays that people go on. We will also be using the ICT equipment that we have in school to create our own virtual tour of the Mediterranean. We will be learning about some of the traditions and cultures of countries in Europe and cooking our own European inspired dishes!


We enjoy a challenge in Year 5 and have developed our resilience when faced with work that we find difficult!