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Clockhouse Gymnasts Bounce to Glory!


The Clockhouse gymnasts had a busy end to the Spring Term. On Friday six gymnasts represented Clockhouse at the Havering Gymnastics competition and on the following day these gymnasts and others were back in action at the Jaybee Schools Gymnastic event. Jaybee is our school / club links providing the school with three high quality gymnastics clubs every week across the school.
At the Havering event the school finished fourth overall. The team had a couple of gymnasts missing on the day but despite this the six children who represented the school were exceptional. We await individual scores where we hope for some success.
Clockhouse were very successful in the Jaybee Schools Saturday event. The Key Stage 1 team were the highest scoring team winning the first trophy for the school this year. Whilst Sophie L was the highest scoring intermediate gymnast to compete and Lucia B was the highest scoring gymnast of the whole event. The two girls will receive trophies for their success.
Clockhouse results were:
1st Places - Lucia B, Chloe S and Oliver G
2nd Places - Charlotte T, Maisie H and Kayleigh S
3rd Places - Karla S, Brooke A and Lacey S
4th Place - Isabelle H
Mr Yarrow said 'I would like to thank all the gymnastic coaches from Jaybee. They do so much fantastic work with our children and are always available for advice where needed. Their commitment and dedication is great!
The children that have represented the school over both days were incredible. I know some gymnasts were away practising in their own time and I am so glad that a lot of the team were rewarded with success. It is great to see Oliver G placing as there is definitely more space for male gymnasts! I am proud of all the children that represented the school and well done for getting the first trophy in the cabinet this year. Keep up the great work!!!!'




Clockhouse gymnasts impress at competition


Well done to the girls gym team who took part in a competition last Friday.


The girls had to perform an individual floor routine, two vaults and a group routine. This competition is always a very hotly contested one and Clockhouse did very well. The children were a total credit to the school and managed to come an amazing 4th Place.


We do not have the full results yet, but as Head Judge Mrs Ewenson will get these to us as soon as she can.


Well done to the three girls who represented the school so well - Ruby N, Grace B and Jayla H.