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Happy Summer Holiday from everyone at Clockhouse Primary School. Thank you also for your lovely words and gifts!

Foundation Stage 1

Welcome to Nursery


Clockhouse Nursery is a vibrant, exciting place for children to learn in a happy environment that caters for the needs and interests of all children. Our staff are enthusiastic and dedicated to highly motivating children to meet their full potential.


We currently have 65 children in our Nursery who are organised into two sessions each day; a morning session which starts at 8.45am until 11.45am, and an afternoon session, starting at 12.30pm and ending at 3.30pm, with some children who are entitled to 30 hours of funding staying from 8.45am – 3.30 pm

Our children are organised into 4 groups- Lions, Pandas, Hippos and Elephants.

Mrs Johns is our Nursery teacher, Foundation Stage Leader and the leaders of the Lion Group.

Mrs Newman is the Nursery Manager and is the leader of the Panda group.

Mrs Tattoo is a Nursery Nurse and is the leader of the Hippo Group.

Mrs Weimer is also a Nursery Nurse and the leader of the Elephant group.


Our Curriculum

In the nursery we focus on 3 prime areas of learning. These are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

This includes working on developing the children’s self-confidence and social skills which may include making friends, showing care and concern for those around them, being confident in independently engaging in activities, etc.

Communication and Language:

This includes developing their ability to communicate with others, learn new words and respond to instructions.

Physical Development:

This includes developing an awareness of how the body can move, an understanding of how we can keep our bodies healthy and the development of fine and gross motor skills.


We also focus on 4 secondary areas of learning which are:


This area involves the children exploring rhymes and rhyming activities, exploring books and illustrations in the environment and developing their pencil control and mark making abilities.


This includes the children developing their abilities to count, write and recognise numbers explore shape and space in their environment.

Understanding the World:

This includes exploring the world around them through play, sharing their experiences of family and friends and through using the ICT that is available to them.

Expressive Arts and Design:

This includes exploring all creative areas such as role play, singing and musical instruments, media and materials and using imagination in play.

Our entire curriculum is supported through play. Each area of our Nursery, both inside and outside is set up with exciting activities that will develop the above skills. We take particular pride in creating imaginative role play areas that reflect the interests of the children and are changed regularly to match new themes each half term. The children are free to play with these activities throughout their sessions and are able to use our wonderful playground to its full potential all year round!


Learning Challenges:

All of the children in the Nursery will complete learning challenges each week. These will be activities based around the above learning areas and will be conducted one – to –one or in small groups with a member of staff.


Circle times:

The children will stop for circle time each day. These are teacher lead and will be based around interactive literacy and numeracy activities. Children will also participate in story time at the end of each day.


Enrichment activities:

Throughout the year the children encounter a range of enrichment activities which include a fantastic Christmas Party Entertainer, a traveling zoo – who will bring a collection of animals, such as skunks to our school! We have even had a visit from a dinosaur!!!



Throughout the year we will also look at a range of themes in the nursery. This year will start with ‘Transport’, where we will explore different types of transport. We will then explore the theme of celebrations, where children will learn more about which event we celebrate throughout the year! In future terms we will have fun looking at wild animals, space, minibeasts and holidays. Our topic changes every half term!