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Remote Learning

Remote Learning at Clockhouse


Frequently Asked Questions


I am feeling overwhelmed and there is too much to get my head around. What do I do?

Be kind to yourself. Virtually overnight, you have had to become your child’s teacher as well as continuing to be their parent. You are having to spin many plates! You are doing enough. You are loving your children and supporting them through a difficult time. Look after yourself. Minimising stress is absolutely vital at a time like this for mental health. When it all gets too much walk away from it and come back when you are ready.


I am feeling overwhelmed with trying to work from home and co-educate my child. What do I do?

Stop, breathe… do what you can do! You are doing your trying and trying best. The worst this you can do is compare yourself to others. The timetable we give is a suggestion and to give you a structure, but it is just that, a suggestion. You will know what works for you and your child(ren). Just do what you can!


Is having a timetable important?

Yes, the children are very used to a tight routine at school. Following the school day as closely as possible will help the children with getting through the learning and also when they come back to school.


My child woke up today and does not want to do the work and wants to do something else. What do I do?

Let them! Learning is still taking place here so give them that time, then provide time reminders to give time to get small bits completed on that day, focus will waiver they are in their safest place – with you at home. This is a place they are not used to doing their day to day school work in.


There are so many Zoom sessions each day I find it hard to work and get my child on them all?

The timetable is designed to give the children short, sharp bursts of teaching time with their teacher to support them with their learning on Google Classroom. The times are also in place so that year group do not cross for those with children in more than one year group. In caring for you and ensuring the safety of all, we want to see / speak to your child on Zoom at least once every day. If you have a doctor/dentist appointment, please inform the school office and your class teacher via Dojo. If you are unable to attend due to work commitments, we ask that you try to attend at least one session. If we are unable to see your child on any Zoom sessions, we will contact you to check you are all right.


The timing of the Zoom sessions makes it hard to get out for exercise. What do I do?

Do what you can do and if you feel your child needs to go out for some exercise go and do it. If you are worried about not completeing the learning in between, it can be done later and then submitted afterwards.


I do not have access to a device, what should I do?

If you have an x box or PlayStation, google classroom can be accessed through these devices. Please do inform your class teacher via Dojo if you do not have any type of device, as we may be able to help.


My broadband connection keeps failing, what should I do?

Please inform the school if this is the case, we have some SIM cards for you to put into your mobile phone or other devices that are compatible with a SIM card.


Do I need to attend all Live Zoom sessions?

We would love for the children to attend all Zoom sessions, but recognise that this could be difficult with other aspects of life having to continue. We do ask that your child attends at least one Zoom session per day. This allows the teacher to talk to your child and check that they are well and managing during this time.


What do I do if I have technical difficulties and cannot get on Zoom?

Please contact your child’s teacher via Dojo.


I have tried to access Zoom, but I am still in the Waiting Room and cannot get in, what do I do?

We ask that children arrive on time for their Zoom session, if you have difficulty please contact your class teacher. Staff will do their best to keep to time but if children steer conversations further, they could over run between timings so please bear with us also. All teachers must have a staff member accompanying them on the Zoom. Children will not be let into the Zoom meeting, unless both staff members are present.


I work full time and am working from home, I don’t think we can complete all the work. What do I do?

Every family has different circumstances; we ask that you use the work given to fit your life. We want to work in a partnership with you, and support families through this difficult time. If you are having difficulty completing the work, please talk to your teacher. Remember there are lots of things your child will do every day which ensures that they are still learning e.g. cooking is a great way of developing maths skills.


I find the work too difficult for my child, what should I do?

Please do not worry, contact your class teacher via Dojo and they will help you. They may offer to stay on Zoom after the next session or contact your by phone. Please do request this if needed. You can also request this using the chat bar during a Zoom session if you know your child is finding the learning tricky.


I do not feel my child is being challenged / supported. What do I do?

All children are different and learn different things at different rates. Although your child's teacher will be marking their work and giving feedback they will not be able to see how they have tackled the learning as they would in class. Please do provide feedback and the teacher will be able to support accordingly.


On our parents WhatsApp chat all I hear is that other children are getting all their work done and mine is not. What do I do?

Although easier said than done, do not compare yourself – everyone has different circumstances and every child is different. These groups are amazing and generally do provide great support but sometimes they can be damaging to us as this pandemic continues to affect us all differently. Mute them if they are affecting you, take a break from them. You are doing your best!


I really want to print the worksheets but cannot as I do not have a printer and would prefer to have/need a paper copy?

Staff have tried to ensure work can be completed either on devices or from device direct onto paper However, if you are desperate please talk to your child’s teacher and they will be able to assist you.


I have lost my login details for one of the platforms, what should I do?

Please contact your class teacher via Dojo.


My child is unwell; do I need to inform anyone?

Please inform the school offices as you would normally. More than anything, we care!


My family are ill with COVID, should I inform school?

You must immediately inform the office if your child is attending Team Hawaii. If you are at home, Remote Learning, we ask that you do still inform us – we care!

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