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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the symptoms of Covid that I should look for?

A temperature of 37.8 or above (this is in line with Government guidance)
A loss of or change in taste or smell
A continuous cough.
If your child has any of these symptoms they must NOT come to school. They will need to get a PCR test. They can return to school if the results are negative or after their isolation period should the results be positive.
Other than for the above reason, or your child is too unwell to attend school, they should come to school everyday. If you are unsure, please ask the school.

The below information is helpful with regards to symptoms:

Should I send my child to school if they have symptoms?

No is the short answer. They need to be tested using a PCR tests. Tests can be booked online. New tests are released each day. As long as a negative test is received then isolating can cease and the child can return to school.


Should I send my child to school if  someone in our household has symptoms?

Yes they can come to school, although we would recomment they get a PCR Test to be safe. They can continue to come to school whilst waiting for the results.


How do I get a test?

Tests are released each day at 10am and 8pm and can be booked using this link -

Please do let us know if you are booking a test for someone in your household. Please also let us know if you have trouble booking a test.

We would kindly ask us that you let us know the outcome of the test once the result is received.


What happens should there be a positive case at school?

The school will inform you via a letter on Class Dojo that there has been a positive case in the class. This is purely for the purposes of transparency and so that you can keep a closer eye on your child following a possible close contact. We would advise that you get your child a PCR test to be safe. They can come to school as normal whilst awaiting the results.


How do I ensure my child keeps learning at home?

If your child is isolating due to having symptoms, the teacher will send you a link to work that, as long as the child is well enough, should be completed. This will be a link to an online resource. This, as well as the normal reading, spelling and maths practise (number bonds, times tables etc.) will ensure their learning can continue whilst they are not at school.


When can my child return to school?

If your child has been told they need to isolate for 10 days, as long as they have no symptoms they can return to school after this period. If you child has had a positive test and their 10 days isolation has finished, they can return to school as long as they do not still have a temperature. They can return to school with a cough or loss / change of taste or smell but they need to have a normal temperature for 48 hours before returning. 

What happens if my child becomes unwell at school with Covid symptoms?

As is normal practise if a child falls ill at school, they will be removed from the classroom and looked after by a member of staff. We do ask that you come to get them as soon as possible. You will be asked to take them home and get a test.


Why does there need to be a soft start and finish time?

In order to keep everyone as safe as possible we are trying to reduce contact between children at particular pressure points in the day. These include drop off and collection times. In order to ensure that all children still receive a full education; we have adjusted the timetable and the start and end times to accommodate this. We do ask that parents / carers respect this and work with the school. When queuing and on school site our community respect one another and comply. We will make alternative provision in adverse weather conditions to reduce the need to stand out in this.

Help and Support



Please follow the link below which provides useful information about agencies and support at this difficult time should you need it:


Top Tips for Parents / Carers


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Coronavirus - Books for Children


Please follow the links below to these useful books which helps explain the current situation to children. We thought they might be helpful for you to share should you need to.


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