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No: 69

For Summer Term - July 2017


Termly Newsletter from the Governing Body of Clockhouse Primary School

Working and Learning together to be the best that we can be


The Summer Term Governing Body Meeting was held in the Key Stage 2 building on Thursday 6th July 2017 at 7 p.m. Apologies for absence were received from Miss. A. Stimpson and these were recorded and accepted.


Mr. David Leaper was unanimously voted back into the position of Chairman for a further ‘Term of Office’ and Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh was unanimously voted back in as Vice Chair. Governors thanked them both for their unstinting dedication to all things Clockhouse and looked forward to working with them again in the coming year.


The minutes of the previous meeting, held on 23rd March 2017, were received and confirmed as correct and any matters arising from the minutes were discussed, or dealt with as they arose on the Agenda during this meeting.


The Head Teacher’s 29 page Report, with 9 Appendixes, which was received by Governors before the meeting, was discussed in detail and Governor’s questions, observations or concerns all given due attention. The issues covered included the effectiveness of leadership and management, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, personal development, behavior and welfare and outcomes for children and learners. Progress since OFSTED, which showing continuous improvement and the successful integration of Greenland, our Additional Resources Provision, were all celebrated. Governors were also very pleased to be informed of the excellent SAT’s results, up in all areas this year and above the ‘National Average’. The Clockhouse Curriculum is now well embedded but it still tweaked to further improve it after regular careful assessment and monitoring.


Pupil Attendance stood at 95.55% on the day of the meeting not quite meeting our target of 96%. One of the stark facts from our data showed that 179 pupils – 747 days were taken as holidays during term time!

Attendance for Staff, overall, was 97.33%.


Good classroom behaviour and learning behaviour continues to contribute to the academic achievements.


Work on Transition between year groups and Key Stages has proved successful and year on year experience continues to improve this.


Financial issues were discussed and Governors were relieved to receive the news that the school should remain solvent for the next 3 years. This is carefully monitored by the Finance Committee and the full Governing Body. The School Budget was approved for 2017/2018.


A Health and Safety tour of the School on 18th May showed no major concerns and a Fire Drill during the term was completed in 3 mins. 25 secs. for 750 children and 100 adults to evacuate.


Parental involvement in school is hugely encouraged and a recent D.T. morning session was well attended and received. Parental Questionnaires and Staff Questionnaires are regularly completed and feedback given.


The launch of the new School Website was welcomed by parents, children, staff and governors and the use of the Dojo is continuing to have a positive effect.


The Governors Strategic Review Meeting held on Saturday 1st July included an Annual Review of Effectiveness, a National Skills Audit and the 2017/2018 Governors Improvement Plan.


Governors verbally reported back on Monitoring Visits to Year Groups and on specific subjects including SEN, Sport, Art, Early Years, Health and Safety. Plus school trips or in school events they had attended.


Governors approved proposed residential trips for 2017/2018 and approved and noted the five non-pupil [inset] days, the first day being fixed [first day of the Autumn Term].


Information of Governors attending Training Courses and training requirements were discussed including online courses.

Governors thanked the Head Teacher, Staff, Pupils and Parents for all their hard work this year.




No: 68

For Spring Term - March 2017


Termly Newsletter from the Governing Body of Clockhouse Primary School

Working and Learning together to be the best that we can be


The Spring Term Governing Body Meeting was held on Thursday 23rd March in the Key Stage 2 Hall. Two new governors were welcomed, Mrs. Carol Francis and Mrs. Beverley Nichols. This brings the Governing Body back up to full strength of 13 Members.

Apologies for absence was received and agreed for 1 Governor at this meeting.


In the Chair’s Report Mr. Leaper advised governors of outcomes from Progress Update Meetings, his attendance at a cluster of 14 Havering Primary Schools re talks on possible future federation and his agreeing the new school website.


The Headteacher’s comprehensive report was discussed, updated, questioned and challenged and covered the following areas: Ongoing preparations for the introduction of a number of places in the Nursery, from September, of a 30 hour provision and what this would mean in terms of staffing and costs. An updated report on the Additional Resources Provision, our new Unit, to be called Greenland - The first phased entry will commence after the Easter break and 2 Clockhouse children are already successfully accessing the facility. A number of small issues have been or are being resolved and additional resources are being carefully considered before being added to develop the provision. Under ’Outcomes for Pupils’ governors were able to discuss in detail the current data available, showing very clearly the strengths and weaknesses after an in-depth analysis undertaken by the school. Targets for the Spring and Summer Term have been set and are consistently monitored. Governors were directed to Appendix 7, which was The Clockhouse Top 10, an aid to a successful lesson! This had been introduced to ensure all lessons were successful, under 10 clear headings, and was non-negotiable! For ‘Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment’ governors continue to monitor the Clockhouse Curriculum to ensure it meets all the expectations of the National Curriculum and our Learning and Achievement Plan continues to be reviewed by leaders at all levels, as has the Governors

own Improvement Plan. Continued Professional Development for teaching staff and support staff which meets their individual needs and the needs of the children and the school is continuing to be a high priority. Attendance is always on our Agenda and governors were directed to Appendix 8 for an in-depth report from our Attendance Officer. Along with punctuality this is always a cause for concern. When our data shows that attendance for 2015 – 2016 is below the National Average and that it had even dropped below the previous year, this is obviously worrying. The school is doing all it can to encourage and reward good attendance and continues to work with the Local Authority to ensure that attendance issues are addressed in a timely fashion. The attendance for the whole school since the beginning of the school year [excluding nursery and reception] was 95.36%. 273 hours were lost to Unauthorised Absences and 223 hours were lost to Lateness including Reception. Financial Management covered the arrangements made for the approval of the 2017/2018 Budget which is tighter than last year and a number of questions around not letting standards drop and a projected budget deficit in the next few years. Health and Safety included the latest figures on a Fire Safety Drill when a full evacuation of the school took place in 3 mins. 34 secs. plus a Safety Walk around the site, looking at the new building for Greenland and the outside lighting. Governors were also informed of the completion of the MUGA - All weather multi-sport area and we await the grand opening by a celebrity sometime soon!


Governors fed back on their monitoring visits to school for: P.E, Art, Special Needs, Literacy. Early Years. Learning with your child sessions, Y6 presentation for e-safety on Social Media. The School Parliament. The Parent Council. Meeting with



No: 67

For Autumn Term – December 2016


Termly Newsletter from the Governing Body of Clockhouse Primary School

Working and Learning together to be the best that we can be


The Autumn Term Governing Body Meeting was held on Thursday 8th December 2016 in the Key Stage 2 Hall.  The resignations of two governors, Mr. Peter Minchin, Authority Governor and Mrs. Hayley Grant-Bampton, Parent Governor, were received and any apologies for absence were noted.  Governors welcomed new Co-Opted Governor Mr. Tajinder Bhamber and noted the end of the Term of Office for Mrs. Johns in March 2017.


In the Chair’s Report Mr. Leaper advised governors of outcomes from two Progress Update Meetings, a meeting with the Lead Member for Education at the Local Authority plus a meeting with the Regional Schools Director.  Discussions around the Academy Agenda were also ongoing.


The Head Teacher’s Report, which was received prior to the meeting, was discussed.  This included discussion on Nursery Provision and the changing funding for children categorized as ‘Rising Twos.’ Plus the opportunities to have children in the provision full time, 30 hours per week instead of 15 hours, and the implications to the school.  An update on the Additional Resources Provision, which is on course to open in February, is to be called Greenland, in line with the naming of all other classes. Detailed reports on Progress since Ofsted, regular progress update meetings, which are non-statutory, but agreed to continue as being in the best interests of the school.  Governors were pleased to note that after a Quality Assurance Visit it was confirmed the school’s self-evaluation was accurate and that if the school was to have another Ofsted inspection we would still be ‘Good.’   Our compelling and comprehensive evidence and the rapid way in which the school had responded and the positive changes implemented were noted. This self-evaluation includes all current Key Stage Data. Governors discussed the Termly Attendance Report and it was noted that the school was just holding at our target of 96% but continued effort was being made to improve on this.  The appendixes to the Head Teacher’s Report included an overview of the School Improvement Priorities. Minutes of Committee Meetings this term - Finance & Resources, Human Resources, Additional Resources Provision Working Party, Inclusion Report, Progress Update Meetings, Governor Information Pack, Outcomes of Formal Monitoring of Learning and Teaching and any other information relevant to help Governors carry out their duties.


Under Financial Update governors received the financial statement for the last complete financial year 2015/2016 and confirmed the levels of delegated authority within the Governing Body‘s Scheme of Delegation.  All Committees annually review their Constitutions and Terms of Reference, these were agreed and noted.


Governors reported back on their Area’s of Responsibility: Literacy, Maths, ICT, Early Years, Humanities-Art & Music, Inclusion and More Able Children, meetings with Year Group Leaders and any Governors Training attended.


A Safeguarding Audit was due to take place on 20th December 2016 and will be reported on at the next relevant meeting.  There were no Health and Safety issues at the present time.  E-safety issues were discussed and assurances given of the high priority given to this.

The Governors Termly Strategic Meeting, held on a Saturday morning, was revisited for any Governor unable to attend and suggestions for the Agenda for next term’s meeting were discussed.


Any suggestions, questions or issues raised in Clockhouse Matters would be welcomed and can be sent via the School Office. Happy Holidays……



No: 66

For Summer Term – July 2016


Termly Newsletter from the Governing Body of Clockhouse Primary School.

Working and Learning together to be the best that we can be.


The Summer Term Governing Body Meeting was held on Thursday 7th July 2016 in the Key Stage 2 Hall.  Apologies for Absence were accepted from 1 Governor.  Mrs. Haley Grant-Bampton was welcomed on joining as a Parent Governor.  Mrs. Louise Pollock has resigned.  This leaves 1 vacancy.


The Chair’s Report was received, which covered any urgent action taken since the last meeting, any correspondence received/dealt with or any meetings attended and the Summer Term Briefing Documents, e-mailed to Governors at the beginning of the term.


The comprehensive Headteacher’s Report included the outcomes of the recent Ofsted Report.  Governors congratulated and celebrated our very ‘GOOD’ rating.  The detailed report included questions to consider and areas for discussion on each section, plus targets for the Summer and Autumn Terms. The Report covered: ‘The Context in which the school works’ – Staffing and Pupil Numbers, Admissions and Leavers - numbers for the Nursery are continuing to rise and we hope to fill all the places for September, or January at the latest.  ‘Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment’ - outcomes for pupils included an in-depth discussion on the new expectations in Literacy and Maths and the implications on the results of SAT’s tests this year,  not just in Clockhouse, but borough and nation-wide. However, there were many positive aspects from the school’s end of year data.  ‘Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare’ - a number of initiatives including the Class Dojo and the School Council are being built on and new ideas are being considered, including the Restorative Approach to Behaviour Management and ways to improve pupil’s attitudes to learning. ‘Pupils Attendance and Punctuality’- Governors received an Attendance Report with a detailed break-down of days and hours lost due to Unauthorised Absence [Key Stage 2 = 61 Children@228 hours and Key Stage 1 = 23 children@43hours] and Lateness [KS2 = 108 children@215 hours andKS1 = 51 children@ 54 hours not including the children in the Early Years Foundation Stage [Reception and Nursery] who are not considered as being at statutory school age. Other data received included ‘so far this year 136 children were booked holidays totaling 564 school days!’  Attendance for the whole school since the beginning of the school year [excluding the nursery and reception] as recorded for the Department of Education’s purpose was 95.44%, our target being 96% or more.


Other areas discussed included the Parent Council - more members were needed to make it even more representative of the local community and to help the school build on its ‘Good’ Inclusion status.  2 residential trips were approved for next year for Year 5 and Year 6 children. The Budget for 2016 – 17 was discussed and agreed.  Minutes of previous Finance Meetings were e-mailed out before the Governing Body Meeting. The proposed ARP Unit [Additional Resources Provision] is progressing and the school is hoping that all processes will be completed and the new building in place to open in January 2017. Governors agreed to continue with the plan for a MUGA [Multi Use Games Area] on the school grounds.  This will cost more than originally thought, but the budget would allow it to go ahead. A Health and Safety tour of the site on 3/5/16 identified some low level issues and no reportable incidents.  The Key Stage 2 Hall roof is to be repaired/replaced during the summer break. Some fencing is to be replaced.


Governors verbally reported back on their areas of interest including, Early Years Foundation Stage, Special Educational Needs/Inclusion, Art and Humanities.  Governor Training was discussed after the Governor Skills Audit was completed by all Governors and any gaps are covered by in school/ Local Authority/online courses that available to all Governors.


The next full Governing Body Meeting is on Thursday 8th December.


Well Done Everybody!  Enjoy the summer break.