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Governors' Annual Report to Parents

Governors' Annual Report to Parents - 2015-2016


As we come to the end of another academic year, please find below the third annual report of effectiveness of the Clockhouse Primary School Governing Body. This report follows the best practice guidance suggested by the Department for Education.


It has been another busy year at Clockhouse, with the clear highlight being our successful inspection by OFSTED in May. Maybe too much is made of the review by just 4 inspectors over only a 2 day period, but what they conclude has such far-reaching implications, it cannot be underplayed. Happily they saw our school in the same light as we did in our own self-assessment – calm and purposeful with great teaching and learning in every classroom. It was still a relief that their verdict agreed with ours that we are a GOOD school. May I just echo the gratitude Mrs Collard has already expressed to parents and children who did us so proud during the inspection.


So, ‘where next’ is the question Governors are musing over now. It would be easy just to say ‘more of the same’ and ‘push on to outstanding’, but maybe there are different approaches and activities that might suit our children even better?


Certainly one area for consideration is how to respond to this year’s end of Key Stage Two results as the cold data could give a misleading picture of school performance. I am confident that we will adapt our approach such that the second year with the new curriculum and assessment system in place culminates in improved progress.


Another priority for 2016/17 will be a successful launch of the Clockhouse ARP (Additional Resource Provision) which will provide an excellent facility for some of our most vulnerable children. Governors will also be giving consideration to if/how/when we should plan to consider conversion to become an academy – starting with what best suits our children and community.


The Governing Body has 13 places, one of which is currently vacant. Over the last year we have said goodbye to Mrs Louise Pollock and welcomed Mrs Hayley Grant. As part of our recent annual effectiveness review we showed that collectively we have the resources and skills to meet our strategic objectives. Furthermore, we had significantly improved our capability in key areas through focussed training and development. We were delighted that Good Governance was recognised by OFSTED.


I have had the privilege of being Chair of Governors for several years and I absolutely believe that this is the strongest and most professional Governing Body I have been a part of.


Should you require any further information on any of the above topics or any other matter concerned with our School, please visit the School's website or contact the Governors via the School Office.


Thank you to all parents who support the school so well.


Yours sincerely

David Leaper, Chair of Governors

August 2016